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November 29, 2023

What Can You Bring on A Plane Carry On? Carry-On Bag Rules on Flight

  • August 23, 2023
  • 14 min read
What Can You Bring on A Plane Carry On? Carry-On Bag Rules on Flight


When traveling by air, it is important to familiarize oneself with the carry-on luggage rules to ensure a smooth experience at the airport.

Passengers must go through security and adhere to strict regulations regarding the items they can take through security in their carry-on bags.

One such rule stipulates that liquids, gels, and aerosols must be in containers no larger than 3.4 ounces and placed in a clear quart-sized bag.

However, there are exceptions for medically necessary liquids, such as prescription medication or baby formula, which can exceed this limit.

Additionally, certain types of lighters, like plasma lighters and electronic lighters, are permitted in carry-on bags, while traditional lighters may only be allowed if they are kept on one’s person.

However, it is important to note that self-defense items, such as knives or pepper spray, are strictly prohibited in hand luggage. These items must be checked in with the rest of the luggage.

To ensure a hassle-free journey, passengers should carefully review the carry-on luggage rules provided by the airline and airport authorities before packing their bags.

By adhering to these guidelines, travelers can expedite the security process and avoid any unnecessary delays or confiscations at the airport.

So, it’s essential to pack the right things to make your flight comfortable and enjoyable. Let’s discover some items you can pack in your carry-on bag.

What Can You Bring on A Plane Carry On?

1. Pack a Change of Clothes for Flight

When you’re getting ready for a long airplane journey, it’s important to pack the right things to make your trip smooth and pleasant. First, make sure you have a sturdy and fast bag to put all your stuff in.

Most of the things you need, like extra clothes and shoes, should go in the bigger bag that you’ll check in before your flight. But don’t forget to pack some things you might need during the flight or just in case something happens.

For your smaller carry-on bag, focus on bringing a change of comfortable clothes. Even if you don’t plan to change during the flight, accidents can happen, and it’s good to be prepared.

Having cozy clothes on hand will make you feel better if you spill something.

2. Choose the Right Carry-On Bag to Bring on A Plane

To carry your things on the plane, you need a good bag that fits everything you want to bring. A backpack is a fantastic choice for a long trip because it leaves your hands free to hold important papers like your passport and boarding pass.

It’s like having a little adventure on your back! Also, it’s better for your back compared to a duffle bag or tote because it spreads the weight evenly. You won’t feel as tired when you carry a backpack, and you can enjoy your journey more.

If you don’t like backpacks, a travel duffle bag is another excellent option. Just make sure it has a zipper to keep your things safe.

An open tote bag can be risky as things might fall out and get lost at the airport. You wouldn’t want that to happen to your favorite toy or book, right?

carry on bag

3. Take a Reusable Water Bottle & Liquid

Staying hydrated during a long flight is really important. So, it’s a great idea to bring a reusable water bottle with you. Not only will it keep you refreshed, but it also helps the environment by reducing plastic waste.

Instead of asking for many cups of water, you can just refill your bottle on the plane. Plus, it’s fun to have your own cool bottle with your favorite designs or colors.

4. Keep Your Seat Area Clean with Antibacterial Wipes

Planes can have germs, and you know what? Germs are like tiny little monsters that can make you feel sick. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep your seat area clean. You can bring antibacterial wipes to clean your seat, tray table, and belt buckle.

Make sure to choose wipes with antiseptic to protect against germs. It’s like using a special superhero power to defeat the germs! Remember, it’s essential to use a new wipe for each surface, so you don’t spread bacteria around.

After using a wipe, throw it away in a plastic bag and dispose of it in the trash bag when it’s passed around. By doing this, you’ll keep your area tidy and germ-free, like a real travel pro!

5. Noise-Canceling Headphones to Pack in Your Carry-On Bag

When you go on a long airplane journey, it can be really noisy. But don’t worry, you can bring special headphones that cancel out the noise!

These headphones are like magic; they help you sleep peacefully without hearing all the loud sounds around you, like babies crying or people coughing.

They even block the noise of someone being a little naughty. So, with these special headphones, you can relax and enjoy your flight!

6. Important Stuff to Take on A Plane

When you travel on an airplane, it’s essential to remember some important things for your journey. First, make sure you have your wallet, credit cards, and passport (if needed).

Also, it’s a good idea to take photocopies of your important IDs and documents, like your driver’s license and medical cards.

Don’t forget to bring the address of where you’ll be staying and check-in instructions if you need them. It’s better to be extra prepared!

7. A Smaller Bag for Your Important Stuff

You can bring a smaller bag with you to keep all your important things organized. The bag doesn’t have to be fancy; it just needs to be easy to carry and have zips for security.

In this bag, you can keep your passport, travel documents, wallet, keys, and phone. It’s like having a special treasure bag with you!

8. Sleep Tight with A Sleeping Mask

If you want to take a nap on the plane, a sleeping mask can be very helpful. Sometimes, the lights on the plane can be too bright, especially if it’s not a night flight.

But with a sleeping mask, you can cover your eyes and sleep comfortably, even if the lights are on. It’s like having your own cozy little cave!

9. Travel Wallet – Keeping Your Important Things Safe

Imagine having a special wallet that keeps all your important things safe and organized during your journey. That’s what a travel wallet does! It keeps your passport, boarding pass, and credit cards in one place.

The best part is that it comes with a handy wrist strap, so you can carry it easily through the airport. It’s like having a superhero sidekick for your travels!

10. Yummy Snacks for Your Adventure

The food on planes is not always very tasty, so it’s a great idea to bring your favorite snacks. You can pack some fresh fruit or healthy cereal bars with low sugar.

Of course, don’t forget to bring some chocolates because they are just too delicious to leave behind! With yummy snacks, you won’t feel hungry on your journey.

11. Protect Your Hands with Gloves

Some people like to wear gloves for extra protection during their travels. If you choose to wear them, make sure not to touch your face with the gloves, as germs can still spread.

Washing your hands regularly is a great way to stay clean and healthy.

12. Keep Your Lips Happy with Lip Balm

Flying can make your lips feel dry, so it’s good to have a special lip balm with you. This little magic balm keeps your lips soft and moisturized throughout the flight. Say goodbye to dry lips!


13. Protect Fragile Items in Your Checked Luggage

If you buy something fragile or breakable during your trip, make sure to leave some space in your bag to keep it safe on the way back home. Your special souvenirs need extra care!

14. Travel Pillow – Sweet Dreams in The Sky

A long airplane journey can make you feel tired, and that’s where a travel pillow comes to the rescue! Most airlines give small pillows, but a quality travel pillow is even better.

It supports your neck and lets you sleep comfortably while sitting upright. Sweet dreams in the sky!

15. A Handy Portable Charger : Do Not Leave at Home

A portable charger is like a superhero gadget for your flight and trip! It helps keep your important documents and details accessible.

If you’re bored, it can save the day by letting you enjoy your favorite movies or games. Look for a small and lightweight one with at least two charging ports, perfect for sharing with family or friends.

16. Pack Laptop & Camera, Just in Case

Bringing your laptop and camera in your carry-on is super smart! Even if you don’t use them during the flight, they’ll be safe with you.

When your trip is over, you can relive your fun moments by looking at your cool photos on the camera or do some work on your laptop. You can even download movies on it if you’re not interested in the ones on the plane.

17. A Fresh Smile with Toothbrush & Toothpaste

If you plan to sleep on the plane or it’s an overnight flight, don’t forget a small travel toothbrush and toothpaste. After using them, you’ll feel so much better, and you’ll land at your destination feeling fresh and ready to explore!

18. Chewing Gum for Fresh Breath and Happy Ears

Chewing gum is fantastic for two reasons during flights. Firstly, if you can’t get up to brush your teeth, it will make your breath smell nice.

Secondly, it helps your ears feel better by equalizing the pressure during take-off and landing, preventing discomfort.

19. First Aid Kit & Essential Medical Items

Carrying a first aid kit and essential medicines in your carry-on is a smart move. Hopefully, you won’t need them, but it’s better to be prepared.

If your checked luggage gets lost, you won’t be without your important medicines for days. Plus, if you feel unwell during the flight, having some basics like paracetamol on hand can be really helpful.

20. Don’t Forget Your Pen

This might seem surprising, but a pen is super essential! When you travel to faraway places, you might have to fill out forms before entering a new country.

Having a pen in your carry-on will make things much easier. So be prepared and pack one before your exciting journey begins!

21. Something to Keep You Warm and Cozy

When you go on a long plane trip, it can get a little chilly up in the air! So, it’s a good idea to bring a hoodie or jacket with you. Staying comfortable is important because it helps you relax and maybe even take a little nap during the flight.

So, make sure to pack something warm to stay cozy!

22. A Special Foot Rest for Extra Comfort

Here’s a cool thing you might not have heard of before – a portable airplane foot rest! It’s like a hammock for your feet that you can attach to the seat in front of you.

Why is it great? Well, it makes sitting in economy class much more comfortable because it elevates your feet. And guess what?

It even helps improve blood circulation in your legs while you’re flying! This foot rest is especially useful if you’re not very tall.

23. Don’t Forget Your Socks

When you’re traveling by plane, wearing socks is a must. In some airports in the U.S, you have to take off your shoes during security checks. So, having socks on will keep your feet cozy and clean.

It’s also not a good idea to go barefoot during the flight – it’s not polite, and your feet might get cold. If you don’t want to show off your bare feet to others, remember to bring a pair of your favorite socks!

24. Bring Some Magazines for Fun Reading

Having something fun to read during the flight is a great idea! You can head to the newsstand at the airport and pick up some magazines that you like.

There are all kinds of magazines – some with interesting stories, some with celebrity gossip, and some with news and information.

Having magazines to read will be fantastic entertainment if the plane doesn’t have a good movie or show to watch.

25. Don’t Forget Your Glasses or Contact Lenses

If you wear glasses or contact lenses, it’s super important not to forget them when you travel on a long flight. Your glasses help you see better, and your contact lenses make it easy for you to see without wearing glasses.

If you use daily disposable contacts, it’s a good idea to bring a few extra pairs with you, just in case. Having clear vision will make your journey much more enjoyable!


Tips to Pack Your Carry-On Wisely for Your Long Flight : Restricted Items/ Items Not Allowed

Before you go on a plane, it’s important to bring the right things with you in your carry-on bag. Here are some helpful tips for packing your carry-on for a long flight:

1. Print Your Boarding Pass

Some airlines will give you a boarding pass at the airport, but you can save time by printing it at home. If your phone or tablet stops working, having a printed copy will help you get on the plane smoothly.

2. Use Packing Cubes to Stay Organized

Packing cubes are awesome helpers when it comes to keeping your things neat and organized. They are like little magic bags that make your life easier during the journey!

You can pack your clothes in them either by outfits or by types, so you can find what you need quickly without digging through everything in your bag.

3. Remember to Bring Travel Insurance Documents

If you have travel insurance for your trip, it’s a good idea to bring a printout of your policy in your carry-on. This is important in case your checked luggage goes missing.

Having your travel insurance documents with you can help you if something goes wrong during your journey.

4. Try an E-Reader Instead of Books

Reading books is fun, but carrying them can be heavy! Instead, try using an e-reader. These gadgets are affordable now, and you can have many books in one small device.

It will make your travel more enjoyable, and you won’t have to worry about the weight of your books.

5. Pack Smart with Toiletries

When it comes to packing toiletries, it’s best to be smart about it. Leave expensive shampoos and conditioners at home because most hotels and cruise lines provide them for you.

This way, you save space and money! Also, bring travel-size or solid/powder versions of your toiletries to prevent leaks and save space in your bag.

There are cool toiletries packs available that you can easily place on top of your bag, making it convenient for you.

If you travel a lot, you know that packing toiletries can be tricky. Large bottles take up lots of space, so these special products come in handy. They are small and easy to carry, making your travel much more comfortable!

By following these packing tips, you’ll be all set for your long flight and have a great time on your journey! Remember to stay organized, bring important documents, and pack smartly to make your trip enjoyable and stress-free.


Thus, when it comes to what is allowed in a carry-on bag on a flight, there are certain regulations that must be followed. Airport security has set guidelines in place to ensure the safety of all passengers.

Some items are allowed but must be securely packed in a carry-on bag, such as a lighter or hair gel. However, nail clippers are permitted in both carry-on and checked baggage.

It is essential to understand that while certain items are allowed in carry-on bags, they may not be allowed in a checked bag. It is always a good idea to check the full list of prohibited items on the TSA website before packing.

Sporting equipment like golf clubs or baseball bats are also allowed as long as they are packed properly and do not exceed the weight and size restrictions for carry-on bags.

Makeup products are permitted in carry-on bags as long as they adhere to the liquid restrictions set by airport security. Remember to declare any liquids over 3.4 ounces and place them in a clear, quart-sized bag.

In case of any doubts or uncertainties, it is always advisable to consult a TSA agent who can provide accurate information and guidance on what items are allowed to bring on a flight.

Remember, safety is the utmost priority when it comes to air travel, and following the regulations set in place will ensure a smooth and hassle-free journey.

Good Luck!

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