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October 3, 2023


  • July 12, 2018
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Washington Dc gained its repute after securing the position of US’s capital. Initially, this capital was one of the warmest known places, and people refused to settle or even travel often to the region due to its humidity. Now the city has evolved into a cosmopolitan one, encompassing many historical museums and monuments. The town sits at a hill humming the tunes of America’s business. It is also exposed to a vibrant international atmosphere owing to some migrants.


Sitting on the banks of the Potomac River surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean. With its spread, it covers 68.3 sqr miles. The city pretends to maintain four divisions northeast, southeast, northwest, southwest. The city experiences hot and unpleasant summers, beautiful springs and autumns. The region also confronts mild winters having a seasonal snowfall. Due to its many seasons and regular migrations the region has a spectacular lifestyle.

However, a vast expansion of industries revolutionized the district. Even though the city shines in all glory of its wealth, the northwest region silently clings on to poverty. Furthermore, the city boasts about its growth and developments. However, a sense of reaffirmation spread during the terrorist attacks on September 11 and 2001 and to the country by shock. After these terrifying incidents, many other such events took place. Eventually, Washinton fought all the attacks and stands tall today after fast-paced reestablishment.


In the late 18th century a young country today known as The United States came into existence. With this, a hunt for its new capital began, and the diamond-shaped Washington DC was the chosen one. The city was found at its worst conditions, unknown territories and vast swamplands. The city got picked as the capital due to its reachability. The politicians denied far-off cities such as New York or England thus settling with Washington compromisingly. The region existed as a war-prone one and kept redeveloping itself from the attacks of various wars and terrorist attacks.

However, the city always seems to battle out the negativity and grow back to its normal condition sooner. The region keeps growing due to its historic heritage and tourist attractions. From the White House to Madame Tussaud’s one will find someplace to call favourite here. Moreover, Attractions like the Lincon Memorial and the United States Capitol depict the glorious past of the city and the States as well.

The diversity and international flavour in the region uphold its cultural background. Washington highlights the importance of arts and portrays its evolution through the years. The citizens often find any form of art a form of recreation and wish to escape into the energy of song and dance. Live musing and Jazz maintains its existence for a long time. It also remains a National Center for Arts and encourages the masses to enjoy the traditional theatres and plays. The people continue to explore Washington’s hidden treasures, and the land intern offers top-class livelihood.

Best Time To Visit

Washington faces a lot of changes each season, and it becomes essential to know about the best time to visit DC. As tourists, your preferences may vary. You may want to visit the city when it’s less chaotic or may wish to tour Washington during pleasant weather conditions and witness Washington in the prime of its cherry blossom season. However, many have always preferred the season of fall when the crowds slowly start to disappear. Also, you will benefit from the weather and would save up on your accommodation charges which are usually expensive during the other seasons. However, the best part about DC is that there is always something that goes on and the most popular travel destinations are mostly open all around the year.

Keeping this in mind May and October remain one of the most pleasing and calming months to spend your vacation in Washington. The weather supports the charm but these months may sometimes fill up with travellers. If you cannot stand crowds but have accustomed your self to live in cold conditions, then you can choose to travel to the city during January or February. Anyhow, you may also select the months of September and November as well. In the autumn season the heat escapes and exchanges with a cool breeze and crisp fallen leaves.

During March till May, the city brightens up due to the National Cherry Blossom Festival. This festival is a celebration of the arrival of Spring and the bloom of the Cherry Blossom Trees. Tourists flock to the region during this season.

In conclusion, to escape the cold temperatures avoid the winter months and savour the flavour of the city during the joyous seasons of Spring or Autumn.

Washington DC Metro Map


Washington caters to people from all across the world. Owing to the growth in its migration rate every year the government started establishing metros all across the city. After the establishment, many citizens and tourists started commuting from one part of the city to another by this mode of transportation. Today the Washington DC metro has become one of the busiest means of transportation due to its affordability. It has an extensive network of tunnels and tracks. The metro stands above the four quadrants of Washington DC. Hop on to the metro by taking a look at the DC metro map.

DC Metro Map

The DC metro map will help you navigate your way by the metro from one place of the nation’s capital to another. The feature is quite frequent due to it’s reputed means of transport and it’s affordability.

Metro timings

The service runs from Monday to Thursday from 5 a.m to 11:30 p.m and on Saturday’s 7-1 a.m. The metro also works on Sunday’s from 8 a.m to 11 p.m. The peak hours remain 5-9:30 a.m and 3-7 p.m on the weekdays. Metro’s arrive at frequent intervals of 8 minutes. During peak hours trains arrive every 6 minutes and off-peak hours 12-15 minutes. The timings are also mentioned on the DC metro map.

Metro Fares

The Washington metro follows a unique way of collecting fares from its commuters. You will pay based on the number of stops you travel. It also varies during peak hours and seasons ranging from $2.25 to $6 per trip. During off-peak hours the tickets cost 1.85$ to 3.85$ per person. Regular travellers must pay via The SmartTrip card which is made out of plastic and is rechargeable. Calculate your fare on the trip planner.

Washington DC tours

The White House


This is the symbol of the presidency, of the US government. The only president that refused to live in the White House was George Washington as he thought it was too small and plane a place for a president even though it stood as the most substantial house in America once upon a time. Today the tourists can visit the White House because of Franklin Roosevelt who made the monument accessible. He believed that the doors must be open for all Creatures Great and Small. Additionally, the then slaves and Europeans help build the white house. Moreover, the white house has a twin dedicated to it in Ireland and France.

One can visit this place on a first come first serve bases. However, you must choose that time of the year when the crowds thin away so that you do not have to stand in queues. The tours are free of cost, but the make your bookings 21 days prior.

FunFact: When the president that resides in the white house, goes out of the place it is known as “Leaving the bubble”.

Lincon Memorial


This giant monument is mesmerizing and even more so in the evening because of its beautiful lighting. The light perfects highlight President Abraham Lincon’s statue sitting right at the centre of the memorial. Before entering the main site, you will meet some stairs that lead you to the main venue. The Lincon Memorial National Park stands as a handsome structure in front of which is a long stretch of a pond or a stream. During the evening time, you can see the reflection of the memorial on the surface of the water. This is a perfect setting for a picture. Most photographers must visit the Memorial during this time of the day.

Furthermore, the building is opened 24 hours a day. This is why it is the most visited memorial in the states. Also, the memorial remains safe with a 24 hour patrolling by the National Park Police Officers.

To reach the memorial you can choose to travel by cab or even view the DC metro map and head to the closest metro station from the Lincoln Memorial which is Foggy Bottom. It’s a short walk from the memorial for about 15-20 minutes. Alternatively, you can choose to travel through the Smithsonian Metro or book tickets for seats on a tour bus.

United States Capitol


Many of the visitors mostly prefer a guided tour of the US Capitol. Its visitor centre welcomes its tourists from all across the world. Moreover, you do not require identification or a permit to tour the majestic Capitol building, and all the activities and entries are free. We’d advise you to make reservations before your visit mostly available 90 days in advance for individuals and groups 120 days prior. However, it’s not required if you are ok with standing in a queue. Sometimes even the US officers send their staff for a group of more than 15 to enjoy all the insights of the place.

As there are many halls and rooms a lot of events and exhibitions are usually held in the Capitol on a regular basis. One of the halls is the Hall of Senate. A well decorated Senate that resonates America’s iconic history. Furthermore, on the way to the hall, you would see high fashioned corridors that remains the work of an Italian artist. Finally, you get to look at the Senate chamber, where every corner is well planned, and a lot of thought has been put in its artwork. The council room was initially one where the Senates debated on legislative topics. You will hear a lot more stories about the Capitol and chamber through your guide.

Washington DC Trip Planner


Weekend or 3-4 days Trip

If you wish to stay in this historic epicentre for a weekend or a little over two days, we have drafted the perfect itinerary for your family vacation. Head to the White House for some enjoyable exhibitions at it’s Vision Center. After which Approach the Lincon Memorial consisting of a giant statue of the President sitting. For your growing interest in archaeology and history, the DC War Memorial will guide you through all the devastating wars. It is a Doric temple that holds some of the darkest vibes of the battles. The darkness is hidden by the vibrant white dome-shaped centre. Complete your day by visiting the rest destinations such as National World War Memorial and Jefferson Memorial. Furthermore, make stops at Old Ebbitt Grill and Gadsby’s Caravan to savour on their delicious spread.

For the 2nd day start your day with a hearty breakfast at your restaurant and head to the National Museum of American History. The monument encompasses a vast collection of artifacts and old photos of Ancient America. Include in your trip the Capitol Building where the Senate and House Blend. If you wish to stay for a few more additional days, you can continue your visit to other Historic places on the upcoming days and spend the rest of the remaining days in leisure. However, if your trip ends on this day, do not miss sights like the Library of Congress. Also, don’t miss the US Botanical Garden and National Air and Space Museum to enhance your knowledge of astronomy and glance at fascinating pictures taken from Space.

You may choose to visit the places by cab or take the metro by having a look at the DC Metro Map.

Short Trip( 7 days -14 days)

For a slightly more extended stay at the Washington DC, you may wish to start off with a few historical monuments to improve your knowledge of America’s History. War encounters and insights on the lives of the freedom fighters. Some facts and figures will also shock you at places like The Lincon Memorial, Dc War Memorial, and Jefferson Memorial.

On the next day choose exciting hikes or adventure sports either through your travel agents or all by yourself. Go on a hike on Mount Si, choose to Kayak experience from Lake Washington to Puget Sound or visit the Snoqualmie Falls. Also, include a visit to The Hard Rock Cafe to groove to the tunes played and for a high energy party night.

Additionally, pay a visit to Madame Tussauds to witness the spectacular carvings of some of your favourite celebrities. Relax at the Lansdowne Resort and Spa in Virginia and release all your tensions to a soothing massage. End your vacation take a stroll at The Botanical Garden’s and viewing the sky’s turning gold by its sunset.

Some of the best eateries in and around Washington DC are the ones quite old yet known even to an outsider. For some excellent fine dining experience visit Lafayette Restaurant. Additionally, to taste the flavours of Washington’s local cuisine at Logan Tavern. Also, consider partying out on Saturday nights with your buddies for a fun time in the top nightlife areas. Some of our suggestions are The Magic Duel, DC Brew Tours and Blues Alley. You must stop by these places on the way to your sightseeing ventures.

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