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October 4, 2023
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Top Ten Hong Kong Travel Tips

  • May 3, 2016
  • 5 min read

Hong Kong is one of the busiest, loudest and liveliest places in the whole world. A region that largely feeds on tourism and commerce, Hong Kong is considered to be one of the world’s leading trade and financial districts. Its continued rise as a global city is a direct result of Chinese entrepreneurship tempered by British influence and blessed with a truly strategic location enhanced by a beautiful natural harbor.

Expatriates are drawn to Hong Kong because it is great to do business in this region. Tourists are drawn to Hong Kong because of the marvelous sights as well as the allure of excitement on this side of Asia.

There are some tourists who find a full weekend to be enough to savor the best of what Hong Kong has to offer its visitors, but as small as Hong Kong may be, there is no lack for stuff to do there. If the time for your visit is limited, however, there are ten things that you must not miss doing when you are in Hong Kong.

1. Climb Victoria Peak. Victoria Peak is the tallest mountain on Hong Kong Island and definitely the biggest tourist attraction that Hong Kong has. Every year, seven million tourists flock to Victoria Peak to enjoy the marvelous view of the city spread below, especially at night. Popular places to go at Victoria Peak are The Peak Tower and The Peak Galleria.

2. Shop until you drop. If you are a shopaholic, you will love Hong Kong. Hong Kong is a veritable shopping paradise, with countless of malls, markets and shopping areas. Whether you are on the lookout for luxury goods or bargain items, you will certainly find what you are looking for in Hong Kong. The Peak Tower and The Peak Galleria are famous shopping malls at Victoria Peak, but any shopping expedition should always start at Causeway Bay.

3. Admire the skyscrapers. Hong Kong may occupy a small area, but one amazing fact about it is that it has the biggest skyline in the world. Land is scarce in Hong Kong, so there is no other way to sprawl but upward. The area is dense with dizzying skyscrapers, a veritable showcase of modern architecture; the four tallest buildings in the world are located in Hong Kong.

4. Stroll along the Avenue of the Stars. If Hollywood has its Walk of Fame, Hong Kong has its Avenue of the Starts in Kowloon. The promenade is famous for three things: the stars bearing handprints and autographs of Chinese film celebrities, the Symphony of Lights display, and the magnificent panoramic view of Hong Kong across Victoria Harbor.

5. Go to Hong Kong Disneyland. If you want to experience the magic of Disney with a definite Chinese flavor, you have to visit Hong Kong Disneyland. Mickey’s kingdom on this side of the world is certainly the smallest, but the size of the fun here is just as big.

6. Eat at Jimmy’s Kitchen. Jimmy’s Kitchen is the oldest restaurant serving Western cuisine in Hong Kong. It is a Hong Kong institution in itself. In a city known for cosmopolitan culinary inventions, Jimmy’s Kitchen is distinct not just because it is the oldest but because it remains to be one of the best in British and Western cuisine in Hong Kong.

7. Visit the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery. There are plenty of temples in Hong Kong and each one of them is distinct from the other. The most beautiful of them all is the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery, located in the New Territories. If you have been spoiled by the escalators in Hong Kong Island, you will miss them as you climb the 431 steps to the temple. But it is worth the climb. The view around the temple is marvelous and the 13,000 golden statues of Buddha in various poses are amazing.

8. Cruise on a junk. A cruise along the harbor can be quite enchanting, especially at night when all the skyscrapers of Hong Kong are lit up with their bright lights. A cruise along the harbor on a junk, the boat with the batwing sails that is an icon of Hong Kong, can be a colorful experience.

9. Relax at the beach. When you feel the need to quiet down after getting sufficiently dizzy with all the things to see and do in Hong Kong, just go and relax at the beach. The best beach to go to is Shek O, where the sand is pristine and the atmosphere is quiet. Surfing is good in Shek O, too.

10. Party until dawn. Hong Kong is very much alive at night. The place is dotted with pubs and clubs, and the denizens of Hong Kong know how to party hard. The Central District, the beating heart of financial Hong Kong, transforms into a party district at night.

Hong Kong is a lively and exciting place. You will never be bored in Hong Kong.

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