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  • December 15, 2018
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Initially, Singapore remained under the rule of the UK. However, in the year 1963, it crawled its way through independence. Due to its independent state, many people from nearby Asian countries like India and Malaysia left to seek a fortune in the country. Today this country stands as the prime example of a society in transition. This is due to the migration of people from all across the world flocking to Singapore in search of higher education or a better standard of living. Additionally, the country is one which attracts many tourists who travel to the city and enjoy many things to do in Singapore.

Also, most of the citizens there today do not speak a common language and don’t even follow the same religions. This is also why Singapore is one of the most secular and diversified countries in the world. Many tourists crowd the country to witness its multi-cultural approach. As you walk through the streets of Singapore, you will come across different holy places from Mosques to churches and temples. This is why Singapore is regarded as a very accepting country most of all to new immigrants. It is in this country where the tourists will enjoy the sight of diversity whether in architecture, art, food or festivities. Further, the main lanes of Singapore offer fresh aromas of delicious meals.

As a foodie, you would love to devour dishes like Wee Nam Kee Chicken. You would want to relish the delicious food and pamper yourself with luxurious dining experiences in Singapore. Here the street food is the most famous where local vendors provide flavoursome and well spiced Singaporean meals. These delicacies cannot be resisted by anyone. Exciting things to do in Singapore also include walking through the colourful lanes and shopping for brands.

Singapore Map


This sovereign state located in South East Asia provides for some of the best attractions in the world. The region lies 85 miles north of the Equator and rests just off the coast of Malay Peninsula. This young country boasts many skyscrapers, unique architectural attractions, and advanced technologies. What makes the region unique and sets it apart from many other places is its diversity in population and preferences. The region remains warm and wet. This means that it faces the tropical climatic conditions and has no significant differences between seasons. According to the geographical location, Singapore remains highly humid which is coupled with rainfall.

Additionally, Singapore witnesses long days and shorter nights specifically in March. If you choose to visit the city and enjoy the things to do in Singapore during March make sure you carry woollens and wear your flats. Further, the Republic of Singapore is bordered by many Asian countries namely, Thailand, Bankok as well as Indonesia and Malaysia. Also, inhabited by almost 5.4 million citizens it witnesses diversity in ethnicity. Although the place remains secular, it is mostly populated by the Chinese and Malay with a minority share of the population contributed by Indians and Eurasians.

On the Singapore Map, you will notice the blue patches that indicate the water sources in and around Singapore. Moreover, many famous places remain highlighted and are printed in bold. Also, this Singapore map provides an insight on the fully built up roads and the semi-built up roads to help people navigate within the city better. In the Singapore Map, it also becomes evident that most of Singapore is filled with greenery. This is because the country features over 50 nature reserves and parks.

Things to do in Singapore

Since Singapore gained its independence, it has become one of the worlds most prosperous countries. Moreover, the country is the reason why Asia performs well in trade due to its ports. Also, the country thrives in monumental figures. Things to do in Singapore include shopping at orchard road, walk by the Riverside and new Marina Bay and marvel at the many statues and structures in the heart of the country. People venturing out in search of earning a fortune in Singapore and testing their luck may love to visit the many casinos.

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Gardens By the Bay:


The city emphasises being a premier garden city. Truly nowhere else will you see the magic of nature. One of the best things to do in Singapore is to visit the Gardens By the Bay. You can explore all the areas around, and we can bet you’d be impressed. The structure has left more than 33 million visitors awestruck since the international opening in 2012.  Once you arrive there, you’d know why those visitors felt awestruck. Also, the best way to get to these supertrees is to stroll over the 22-meter tall skywalk.

This development would make you feel like you have stepped into the Garden of Eden. Have you ever imagined a place surrounded by peace, where flowers blossom throughout, and the sweet smell of the flowers fill the air? That’s exactly what life is like in the flower dome, the worlds largest air-conditioned greenhouse. The selection of the various flowers and placement of the plants from eight different regions around the world constantly change. This change depends upon the seasons and festivities in the city.

Just when you think you’ve seen enough, you sight the cloud forest. This place has a WOW factor because of its giant cascading waterfall. This green filled 35-meter high human-made mountain portrays plantlife from the tropical region. The supertrees keep growing taller year on year. Every evening tourists flock to the Gardens strolling through the skywalk and watch the flickering lights on the trees while the sunsets in its prime golden.

Orchard road


Explore Singapore’s best shopping spot, The Orchard Road. Here you’ll find many exciting and cost helpful gifting ideas. You will love to buy your distant relatives a local speciality from one of the malls or plazas on this road. The environment will not just let you sink in the fact that you are in Singapore but also pamper you with many local sights. If you plan to visit the city during the summer months, it tends to remain humid outside. Nonetheless, the famed Plaza Singapura on the Orchard Road will keep you cool and entertained.

Take it easy and look around the mighty Plaza. This mall features many multi-cuisine and independent restaurants. The mall also offers many varieties for shopping. You can also claim your tourist sim cards here. The road is filled with branded establishments such as apple and many unique and posh fashion brands.

Furthermore, the road accompanies many hawkers and street food stalls. Some of the best Singaporean food can be tasted at these stalls. This 2.2 km straight road was commonly known for its many vegetable shops. This is why it went on to become Asia’s most famous shopping street. Take a good long stroll on the worlds most pedestrian-friendly roads.

Marina Bay Sands


Singapore is a Global city. A real melting pot of cultures with world-class attractions, food, and shopping. The Marina Bay Sands is a culmination of it all. This iconic structure is seen from most parts of the city. The building is also home to the city’s largest hotel, a renowned casino and super fancy food and shopping stores. This building is home to more than 175 luxury stores such as Prada, Fossil and many more.

Tourists can take a relaxing ride around the mall along the canal in a gondola. This is the perfect leisure for aching legs and a sizzling credit card. While you take this ride, you can quietly plan your next retail move from the many known retail brands. If you are a MasterChef fan and especially one of Gordon Ramsay’s, you can dine at his Bread Street Kitchen. This entire area is housed under a big glass sunroof which is designed to save energy. Another green initiative is the Oculus which collects rainwater before releasing it into the canal at hourly intervals. You can feel the freshness from the winds that gentle hit your hair.

After a tiring day in the mall, you can choose to rest in one of the malls 2261 rooms. Guests are spoilt for choice with a whole variety of rooms to choose from. The jewels of the premise remain the dance skybar and infinity pool. Only the guests of the hotel have access to the Worlds largest floating infinity pool. What better way to spend your day in the city other than sipping a drink by the bay overlooking the Singapore skyline?

National Museum of Singapore


As opposed to many beliefs that Singapore is best for its nightlife and street food, there are also other reasons why you must choose to visit the city. The oldest Museum in Singapore offers an abundance of knowledge about the history and politics of the country. The National Museum of Singapore dates back to 1849. It was first a dedicated library to The Singapore Institution. After shifting a lot of times, this Museum was finally relocated to Standford Road.

The structure essentially focuses on the exhibits of Singaporean history. It also features as one of the four National Museums in the country. The building also underwent a 3 and a half year restoration and then opened in 2006 with the Singapore museum gallery. This gallery stretches almost 2000 sqkm located within the national vicinity of the city. The gallery also takes the visitors back to Singapore’s past using man storytelling approaches.

What’s unique about this gallery is that instead of using museum labels to describe the artefacts, the gallery uses audio tapes known as the companion. Each of the companions comprises of an LCD, a pair of earphones as well as a keypad. Thus enabling the guests to enjoy and sink into the city’s dwelling past through visuals.

Also, previously the museum used to house many archaeological items of National interest. However, these items were later transferred to the National Museum of Singapore and other such museums. One of the most precious artefacts housed by this structure is the Singapore stone. This makes it clear that Singapore can also be fancied as a city of rich cultural and historical heritage.

Little India Singapore


Ever fancied visiting two countries for the price and time of one? Singapore is one such destination where you can find another country within it. Little India in Singapore invites many tourists from all over the world due to its cultural and colourful attractions. One of the most famous markets in this region is the Mustafa Market. If you wish to purchase any Indian specialities, this is the place to visit.

Learn to eat Indian street food and imbibe in you the cultural vibes. While you stroll across the city, you can also choose to pick up many Indian artefacts and handwoven cloths at meager prices. You will find some of the unique stuff in this area. Explore the Indian warmth and feast on Indian cuisines by visiting Little India the next time you plan your vacation to Singapore.

Best time to visit Singapore

As tourists, we always remain hesitant about visiting new places as we do not know the best seasons to target a trip. Naturally, as visitors to a new city, it becomes essential to gain knowledge about the aptest time to plan your vacation. This guide will help you plan your expensive vacation to Singapore in line with the seasons. You will learn about the best weather-friendly and budget-friendly seasons to choose out of the many options.

The ideal time to visit the city remains just after the dry seasons when it begins to rain a tad bit. So, ideally, the best time to visit Singapore is from June to August. In fact, during these months you won’t even have to face the overclocking tourists in the city. Singapore witnesses high temperatures and constant temperature throughout the year. The preference to travel to the city must, however, be the driest months to enjoy your trip better. This means you may want to plan your trip in the months that lie between March to August. These months are also preferred for a lot of things to do in Singapore.

Additionally, you may want to avoid the time between August to October for, pollution during those months remain high. This is due to the intense burning of agricultural waste in Indonesia. Many businesspersons travel to the city now and then. However, if you have to plan a trip, you may want to avoid the months during which the Chinese New Year is hosted. During this time you will have to face overcrowding and inflated prices, whether for travel or accommodation. However, weatherwise the best time to visit Singapore remains from March to August.

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