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October 4, 2023
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Sleeping In A Strange Bed

  • March 4, 2017
  • 3 min read
Sleeping In A Strange Bed

One of the many woes that a person can face on his travels is the inability to get a good night’s sleep on the bed in his hotel room. For some people, it is simply the effect of jet lag or of not being used to his surroundings, and so the problem goes away after a few nights of snoozing on the hotel bed. For others, however, it is just too difficult for them to get some sleep in strange beds and they are always fated to have sleepless nights whenever they are away from their own beds at home.

But because getting enough sleep is very important for the sake of a perso’s physical and mental health, a person should find ways to get some shuteye even if he is finding it hard to do so. There are actually a few simple measures out there that people with this problem can follow.

If you are a person who has this problem, you can overcome difficulties in sleeping on strange beds by observing these tips below:


    • 1. Book yourself a room located away from elevators or ice machines. Even deep sleepers are able to feel the vibration coming from these contraptions, so if you want to get a good night’s sleep, avoid rooms near them. Similarly, if the hotel has a disco, get a room located at least two floors above it.

2. If you want to sleep in and you do not want the housekeeping crew to interrupt your sleep come morning, put up your ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign. If your room does not have one, ask for one from the front desk, or write it out yourself and then tape it to your door.

3. Plug your ears to block off all possible noise that can disrupt your slumber. To avoid mislaying them, keep them at your bedside table and bring an extra pair if necessary.

4. Should you happen to be billeted in a room next to where a rowdy group of revelers are partying the night away, the best alternative to calling hotel security is packing your bags, going to the front desk and asking for another room.

5. No matter how awake you may feel, turn the television’s timer on. This will make sure that you do not get disturbed in the middle of your sleep once you do fall asleep, and if you did wake up in the middle of the night, you will not become wakeful again just because you happened to glimpse a scene from a horror movie on the screen.

6. To avoid waking up in the middle of the night because some prank caller or a wrong number call made your phone ring, ask the telephone operator of the hotel to put your hotel’s phone line on a ‘do not disturb’ mode. Or you can just unplug your phone.

7. Get your clutter off the floor so you would not stumble or bump your toes in case you need to travel from your bed to the bathroom.

8. If you are the type to wake up in the middle of the night for a drink of water, put a glass of water on your bedside table before you go to bed. Having to get up to get your drink may make you wakeful and unable to go back to sleep.

9. Close the curtains before you sleep so the sunshine from the windows will not wake you up come morning.

10. Check if your alarm clock is set properly. For all you know, it is set up to ring in the middle of the night.

Sleep tight.

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