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November 29, 2023

Save Money On Food While Traveling

  • October 24, 2016
  • 3 min read

If you are traveling on a somewhat tight budget, there are definitely some times that you will find yourself scrimping and cutting corners just to make sure that your money does not run out on you while you are away from home. It is hard to be caught penniless when you need something and you are just driving along the streets of your own hometown; what more if you are in a different state or a different country?

Traveling on a budget, however, does not mean that you have to deprive yourself. If you are on this trip with limited financial means, you can stretch your funds by making wise decisions on how to spend your money. This includes money spent on your meals.

You can actually save some money while you are on your journey by making simple mealtime decisions. How well you make these decisions, in turn, depends on how well you did your homework before you went on this trip.

Here are a few tips on how to save money on food while you are on your trip.


    • 1. When you make your hotel reservation, check if the amenities you will be paying for include breakfast. If breakfast is among the list of amenities, then eat as much as you can. Once you have eaten a heavy breakfast, your body would not really want to consume a lot when lunchtime comes.

2. If breakfast is not covered by your hotel, you can scout for a bakery in the area. Not only will this be a means for you to save some cash, but it will also serve as an opportunity to look around and sample some local food.

3. On lunch time, you can always pack yourself a picnic lunch for a mere fraction of the cost of eating at a restaurant. If you do want to get your food from a restaurant, you may be able to cut corners by ordering takeout instead of dining in.

4. If you are American, stay away from American fast food joints whenever you are traveling abroad. More often than not, you will only be headed for disappointment if you expect your American fare abroad to be the same as the meals you get at home. It is pretty expensive, too.

5. If your hotel room has a kitchen, you can try cooking for yourself. That way, you get to have your meals the way you want them without spending too much. Unfortunately, a lot of hotel rooms won’t have one, but you can find timeshare rentals with fully equipped kitchens in the units. Besides, shopping at the local markets can be fun.

6. Do not hesitate to ask around for recommendations on the best places to eat locally.

7. If you do not feel like cooking for yourself or eating out, go ahead and order pizza.

While following the abovementioned tips will allow you to save some money on food, it will also allow you to indulge yourself on some lavish meals every once in a while. After all, too much scrimping can make you miss out on the experience of tasting the local fare in the country you are visiting.

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