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September 27, 2023

Robbery Prevention Tips When Traveling

  • March 4, 2017
  • 4 min read

Are you thinking of traveling someplace far from home and exotic? Perhaps you have someplace closer in mind, but just as exciting. Vacationing can be such an adventurous and enjoyable time. The memories seem to keep us going back for more. Although some cities are more dangerous than others, the same safety precautions should be followed in all of them. In fact, whether you are on vacation or simply traveling about your hometown, it is just as important to follow safety precautions during each of them.

Unfortunately, in some locations, looking like a tourist is more than likely to place you on a potential robber’s radar.
To keep yourself safe, as well as those you are traveling with, follow as many of the following robbery prevention tips as possible.


  • Avoid walking alone at night if at all possible. If this is unavoidable, remain alert.
  • Always use well-lit sidewalks to walk along and well-lit roads to travel on.
  • Walk down the center of the sidewalk or path. This should keep you at an arm’s length or more away from potential robbers who are hiding off to the side of the walkway.
  • Avoid walking too closely to individuals who are simply hanging out.
  • If you suspect someone of following you, change your path by crossing over to the opposite side of the street, stopping at a store or coffee shop, or turn to speak with one of your companions.
  • Walk against the flow of traffic so that you can see the cars and avoid surprises.
  • Walk with a sure step that at least makes you look like you know where it is that you are going.
  • Check out the itinerary before you leave the hotel. Write down the addresses and directions for each place that you intend to visit. In fact, list places together if they are near each other.
  • Avoid drinking too much alcohol if you are going to be walking or navigating the steering wheel.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings at all times. If someone looks as though he is listening, he probably is. Finish what you are saying and then move away.
  • Stay away from alleys,
  • If you have a car, avoid vacant parking lots. Attempt to use one with an attendant. At the very least, use a parking lot that is well lit.
  • If you are afraid that you are in immediate danger of being attacked, seek help immediately.
  • If you are attacked and need help, don’t be afraid to make a scene.
  • Have you keys to your car in your hand before you approach the vehicle. Look for stragglers hanging around your car with no obvious reason to be there.
  • Never use a purse or handbag that has a long strap. This encourages you to sling it on your shoulder very loosely, making it an open and easy target for robbers.
  • Avoid wrapping the strap of your purse around your wrist. This can cause serious injury.
  • Keep your money separated from your personal identification. This way, if you are robbed and forced to hand over your money, you will still have your driver’s license and other identification.
  • Do not keep all of your money in one spot. If you spread it around, then you might still have some left if you are robbed. For example, use a money clip, a wallet, and your pants pocket. If the robber is in a hurry and takes the first amount of money that you hand him, you will be glad that you did.
  • If you are attacked, hand over the money, jewelry, or whatever the robber is demanding to avoid injury.
  • Take note as to the robber’s appearance. If he has a vehicle, memorize as much of the license plate as possible.
  • Call for help immediately.

Remember that following these robbery prevention tips promotes your safety while allowing you to continue to enjoy yourself. However, do not go into your vacation expecting to get robbed, because you might prevent yourself from having a good time. Simply follow the robbery prevention tips to the best of your ability to ensure a safe time.

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