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November 29, 2023


  • September 18, 2018
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Paris, France

Known to many as the city of romance, Paris, the capital of France is dear to many. Most of us aim to visit this city with our beloveds and feast our eyes to the Eiffel tower ourselves. Moreover, Paris came to be known as the city of love from the various movies and romantic scenes that were shot here. People are often inspired by different views and then dream about visiting Paris. This is how most of us acquainted ourselves with the city. Apart from its impressive figures and romance in the air, the French cuisines also excite the tourists. Also, the city peaks in art and culture from the Renaissance Era. You can witness art in its most elegant form when you see the places to visit in Paris.

The city stands as a tribute to spectacular architecture and literature. Paris has also given birth to many well-known artists and literates. Tourists flock to the town not only because it features some of the worlds best places but also out of curiosity about the landscape and its scenery. Visitors are motivated by the lifestyle and shopping opportunities. Some visitors flock to the city only to pick up few exclusive designer clothes that may not be available elsewhere. Many clothing lines remain unique to Paris. Moreover, performing arts such as Opera and comedy have evolved so beautifully in the city that it attracts people from all over the world. When you get the opportunity or the fortune to travel to the city of romance, make sure you tour these places to visit in Paris.

Places to visit in Paris

While every country has an exotic tourist destination, Paris tops the list as one of them in Italy. This city frazzles all the tourists that choose to visit it. The city of Paris exits as a place with a long history having strong cultural roots exposed to modernization. Most of all, each street in the region showcases Paris’ famed exquisite architecture and design.  Moreover, the city boasts many culturally inspired citizens, and you may also find them showcasing their talents by the streets.

Apart from its cultural importance, Paris houses friendly and welcoming people. Tourists are often taken aback by their nature and the sweet sounding local language. It is highly possible that you make new friends in a completely unknown city. Additionally, Paris the origin of shopping gathers many brands and most of their headquarters. Also, when tourists tour the places to visit in Paris, they tend to forget about their worries and lose themselves in the city’s magic.

Arc De Triomphe


The Arch De Triomphe has become a large icon throughout the world. This epitome of monumental Arcs was established between 1806 and 1836. The Arc De Triomphe has seen Paris grow into the city of romance. The Arc has also seen the worst and the best of French Revolution. However, the Arc has been successful in retaining its symbolism of power. Further, the Arc stands amidst the Charles De Gaulle, and its design portrays traditional concepts.

Today the structure stands as a dedication to those martyrs who fought for France. What is unique about the Arc is that it has carved names of the generals and wars they fought. Moreover beneath the Arc stands a tomb of unknown soldiers from the wars. Thus, this monument is essential to France as it portrays the countries patriotism. When tourists stand on top of the Arc at the viewing point, they feast their eyes to a dozen skyscrapers and well-designed structures. To get to the top of the Arc one can climb 284 steps worth climbing for the view. This is one specialty for which people travel from all over the world to sight one of the essential places to visit in Paris.

Eiffel Tower


Do you dream about sighting Paris in a panoramic vision from a height that helps you escape in the city’s beauty? The wind blows gently over your face and ruins your hairdo, but you do not bother. You care only for the breathtaking view of the vibrant region and the romance in the air. Moreover, you are standing at the height of the tallest structure in Pairs amidst its cultural vibe would feel great. Stop dreaming and head to the Eiffel Tower that is located in the city center.

We all aim to visit this magnificent lean tower but do we know the significance of its establishment? Well, if you are wondering about it then here is the answer. The Eiffel tower stands tall today as a symbol of the French Revolution. It was built to show the power of France’s industrialization and is regarded as the epitome of French architecture. Additionally, the structure got its name from its designer Alexander Gustave Eiffel who also played out the designing foundation for the famous Statue of Liberty.

When tourists stand at the top of the tower, they often marvel at the view of mountainous regions all around the majestic structure. Bordered by the mountains the colorful city of Paris looks picturesque from that height. The monument remains the primary reason people choose to visit France and has only added to the goodwill of the country. Paris is unimaginable without the Tower. This is what makes it one of the beautiful places to visit in Paris.

Disney Paris


As kids, most of us have imagined visiting Disneyland at least once in our life, Even more so when we hit adulthood. This goes to show that the everyone has the Disney fever. You may get to fulfill your wish when you visit Paris. This is one of the most visited places in Paris, France. The entertainment themed park is a blissful place that provides luxury and exciting rides within its confines. The region blends reality and fairytale perfectly. The amusement park happens to be one of the many places to visit in Paris.

Established and opened to the public on 12th April 1992, the theme park is one of the oldest in the world. It sits about 30 km from Paris and consists of many amazing rides for kids and adults. The park also features many shows, concerts, and thrilling adventures. The amusement park takes all its tourists to another world altogether. The amusement park is a little wonderland in the city of Paris.

Here your kids receive the joy of meeting their favorite Disney characters such as Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, and Goofy. As a family, you would love to be a part of Disneys famed family parades and experience adventure at a whole new level with marvelous rides. Dine for breakfast with your favorite Disney characters and feast at some of the grandest hotels. Explore Disney’s exotic shopping arena that features exclusive clothing printed with your child’s favorite character. However, you must make sure that to enjoy an escape into this fantabulous place you would need to make prior reservations.

Visiting hours: 8 or 9 a.m to sometimes 12 in the midnight. However, the Walt Disney studios open at 9 a.m and close at 8 p.m

Louvre Museum


This structure has remained a milestone for the French. It has stood majestically facing all the disasters and the worst of French Revolution. The Louvre Museum that we see today was one the palace of the then king. Thus, it stands as a marveling architectural wonder from its existence. This fortress exists because of King Phillippe Augustine.

Further, Fran’ois began collecting Italian paintings that could complement this beautiful museum. Some of the paintings include the Mona Lisa and the Joconde. Other paintings showcased here are the works of artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci as well as Raphael.

The royal collection of paintings grew from 20 to 200. With its contents of world-renowned paintings and spectacular modernized designs, the museum stands as one of the essential places to visit in Paris. Many of the heir to the throne made sure the collection grew, and the museum expanded its reach. Today many art enthusiasts gain the thrill of visiting the museum and seeking inspiration from the museum’s artistic charm.

Initially, the museum was privatized and only open to the court. Finally, the museum was conceptualized in 1793 and opened to the public. Slowly the museum started housing masterpieces from places Nepolian Bonnepart defeated. However, most of the paintings and objects were returned to their respective countries later on. Today the museum stands as a national monument and showcases art that is even owned by the public. All of these reasons make the Louvre Museum a perfect place to visit in Paris.

Paris Catacombs


Initially, the word catacomb was only specific to the underground cemetery at the Basilica of Saint Sebastian. This formed a burial ground for Apostles, Peter, and Paul. Today, the word is often used to describe other underground tombs. Paris sees the likes of many tourists all around the year. They visit the to tour places to visit in Paris and experience French luxury. Apart from boasting many great wonders and artistic figures, Paris has a secretive dark underground.

Underneath the city’s cosmopolitan lifestyle lies the Paris catacombs. This is the second side of the beautiful city, the darker side. At the entrance of the ossuary visitors often hesitate to enter at the sight of the stop sign. The visitors think twice before joining the empire of death. The Paris catacombs are a lengthy stretch of twirling tunnels extending miles under the city. Due to its underground location, the cemetery attracts many tourists to explore its unknown secrets. No doubt the place is dark and shady as it comprises of bones and skulls from all across the world.

Furthermore, the reason such a haunted place came into existence was to house many of the corpses during the times of war. This might sound insane, but if you know about the struggles of the French revolution, you will realize the number of deaths that took place on a regular basis. The death toll kept rising with a lesser ground to burry and exposed the city to many potential diseases. This was when the Paris Catacombs were developed centuries after overflowing of corpses following the collapse of the cities most massive graveyards. Many bones and ruins of the dead were shifted to the catacomb, and this only stopped during 1806.

Musee D Orsay


This national museum sits on the left bank of the Seine, facing the river and opposite the Louvre. Encompassed in a well-designed railway station, it extends 140 meters. Considered as a marvelous piece of industrial architecture, which eventually went out of use as a train station. Due to its outdatedness, it started turning into a parking lot and sometimes even a theater location. It went on to rank in the list of historical monuments in 1978.

Moreover, just a year before announcing the Musee d’Orsay a historical monument, the government decided to convert the station into a museum. The concept was developed in such a way so that the museum established would connect the Louvre and National Museum of Modern Art. Furthermore, the museum carries traits of Italian artistry planned by Gae Aulenti. This is what leaves the visitors awestruck, the Italian furniture and fittings.

To this day the museum features some of the worlds most renowned paintings and masterpieces. It comprises of over 1100 pictures. One of the famed paintings includes Starry Night Over The Rhone by Vincent Van Gogh. The paintings and the design attract many tourists and art enthusiasts to the museum. Thus, the structure has stood through rough waters and fought to exist for eternity. This is why we list this as one of the main places to visit in Paris

Best time to visit Paris

While Paris remains crowded all around the year, the best time to visit Paris proly remains during the fall. However, one may also wish to make reservations during the summertime. Usually, the best time to visit the region is from June to August. During this time the weather is pleasant and romantic.

Moreover, the days tend to be longer and sunnier. Also, during the summers you may enjoy taking a long stroll around Paris and the beautiful streets. Unfortunately, this time seeing the most crowds and isn’t budget friendly.

Plan a visit in the fall for smaller lines and cheaper fares. However, during October and September the flowers of the city blossom to their fullest. During the fall the famous Paris Fashion Week takes place attracting many models and fashionistas from all over the world. You may also get to click a selfie with your favorite fashion icons. Paris witnesses fall during March to May. Furthermore, if you want to travel to Paris on a tight budget, you can strike the best deals during the winters. Visit during the months we suggested and enjoy your tour around the places to visit in Paris.

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