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  • August 16, 2018
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Mumbai Tour

Places to visit in Mumbai. The Indian commercial capital got its name from Bom Bahia meaning “lovely Bay”. This populous city is situated on India’s west course and is well known as India’s financial centre. Forming part of this massive city are two regions that lie on its outskirts, Navi Mumbai and Thane. Furthermore, the city is highly secular and celebrates each festival with pomp and show. The tourists get to witness history, culture, celebration and religious believes in various places to visit in Mumbai.

Moreover, here some of the well-decorated festivals remain Janmashtami, Ganesh Chaturthi, Eid, Christmas, and Mahashivratri. Additionally, Diwali and Holi are the most colourful and exciting celebrations in each lane of the city. During the festivities, the fairs add on to the sparkle of the city. The local language here is Marathi, however, the residents are linguistic.

The city is famed for its spectacular regular harbour. On the waterfront, harbour stands tall the Gateway of India and offshore in close proximity Elephanta Island attracts tourists to its various caves dedicated to Lord Shiva. Additionally, the city is a paradise for Bollywood fans as it boasts the worlds 2nd most famed cinema. Also, tourists get a flavour of Bollywood on a tour to the Film City. This is just a glimpse of what Mumbai has to offer. You will read further into the blog about the best places to visit in Mumbai. What describes the city of dreams the best is that it compares to the never sleeping New York. Here you get to be a part of the hardworking crowd in the day and party like an animal at night.

Best Time to visit Mumbai

According to us the ideal time to visit the city is during the months of October and February. During these months the coastal Mumbai remains free from humidity and the sweaty summer. However, if you choose to visit during the monsoon months make sure you pack in accordance to heavy downpours. Even though it rains heavily, the peak season remains the monsoon as it makes for a soothing place by the Sea. While travelling during the monsoons is difficult you will notice that life never stops in the Maharashtrian city. Life goes on and so do the local transports. The city sees rare occasions and excuses to stop the daily mundane life.

If you love outdoor activities in cooler climates, we advise you to visit during the winter months from November to February. This is also when Christmas festivities hit their peak, and the city lights up celebrating the fun Christian festival. Furthermore, summers start approaching Mumbai from March and extend throughout May. This may not be the best time to visit Mumbai. During this time you must carry cool clothing and a good pair of sunglasses to avoid getting sunburnt. However, the summer is the best time to plan your getaways or short trips to nearby tourist places in Mumbai. No matter what the season or the climate may be, the city attracts tourists all round the year. The city offers each individual a different experience, and hence we have listed a few places to visit in Mumbai.

Places to visit in Mumbai

Everyone dreams to visit the city of dreams once in a lifetime as it showcases many vivid cultures and houses some of the best talents in the world. Every nook and corner of Mumbai will tell you a story either of a historic event or the rich heritage and religious believes. You will learn about the best places to visit in Mumbai.

Juhu Beach Mumbai


The beach is situated in the suburbs oh Juhu on the western part and resides on the shore of the Arabian Sea. If you plan to pay a visit to this spectacular beachside, you must not miss the eye-popping sunset at the Juhu beach. Carry a good DSLR while heading to the beach as you get many opportunities to capture some beautiful silhouettes. The beach is very strategically placed as it lies close to some of the best places to visit in Mumbai such as the Iskon Temple and Sidhivinayak Temple.

Tourists may also spot some film stars by the beach as it makes for a preferred shooting location and is located in close proximity to the houses of many Bollywood stars. Visitors may also want to ride on a horse with a view of the waters hitting the sandy beach and the breeze gently hitting the face. Additionally, you may want to encourage the Indian cottage industries by picking up some beautiful handicraft by the small time artisans. You may also wish to design your hands with some henna. The Beach is famed for its Nature, funfilled activities and Photogenic senary. The highlight is that one doesn’t have to pay any entry fee to enter the beach.

Furthermore, the beach witnesses several fares and festivities all around the year. You will find crowds during the event of Ganesh Chaturthi as the idols get immersed in the waters. Foodies will love to head to the beach for some local delights such as aloo tikka, pav bhaji and a variety of chaats. Many small shops are established to serve the crowds with some tasty local specialties.

India Gate Mumbai


A drive through the P.J Ramachandani road will leave you awestruck by the sight of the divine Taj Hotel on one sight and the epitome of Indian history, The gateway of India. The monument is regarded as one of the best sights in India. Rightly so as it resides on the shore of the Arabian Sea and is absolutely invaluable. The yellow basil charming monument is shaped in the form of an inverted horseshoe. The Gateway is built in Indo-Saracenic and Islamic style stands as a remembrance of King George the Fifth and Queen Mary’s arrival in the subcontinent in 1911. During this time only a cardboard model of the monument stood erect. It was only during the year 1915 the construction of this beauty began.

However, the place opened to the public in the year 1924 after the design received approval. Its main significance is that in the yesteryears it served as the main route for imports and exports. Apart from being a well established architectural masterpiece, the Gateway stands as a memorial of The Indian Independence. This is because it was from here that the last of the British troops left forever never to return to India again.

The Gateway has seen the worst and the best of humanity, whether the colourful celebrations of the festivals or the terrorist attacks on the Taj Hotel. Tourists may wish to visit during the post-monsoon period, and the monument remains open all day for the public to visit. Here you will witness balloon sellers, paani puri wala’s and many chaiwala’s flocking the area. You may also want to sip on some hot Mumbai masala chai by the Seaside.

Marine Drive Mumbai



One of the most prestigious and historical and eye-catching attractions of Mumbai is Marine Drive. It is a curved road the runs long and gives a beach facing view. Among the tourist attraction in Mumbai, this is one of the main ones. The onshore bridge is a treat for all kinds of travellers. During the day you may want to visit it to enjoy a view of the clear waters of the beach from above. You would also love to drive across the sea on this bridge or choose water adventures or beach activities. The place becomes a joggers heaven during the evenings, and one may also wish to stop by for local eat-outs like gola sharbat, chaat and chai.

This 3.5 km road along the coastline is actually named Sonapur. Only the road that runs along the coastline is named after India’s nationalist Nethaji Subhash Chandra Bose. Apart from all this, the Worli Sea link is also called the Queens Necklace as it seems to look like a necklace from an elevated point. What causes this necklacing effect is the marvellous street lights. When one flies over Mumbai during the evenings or the night time the sight is highlighted and lights up the whole of Mumbai.

This is also why the Sea link is one of the key places to visit in Mumbai. During the evenings one can take a stroll with a breath-taking sea view on one side and a whole lot of stalls and well-established hotels on the other. Visit Marine Drive, the Miami of India and feast your eyes to its art deco style and your taste-buds to tangy local treats.

Essel World



The visitors that look for adventure and thrill in the concrete confines of Mumbai, Essel world located in Gorai, Mumbai is one of the first amusement parks in India. It also features as one of Indias biggest theme parks. Built-in 1986 this place provides for funfilled rides and enjoyable activities. This amusement park is famous for its cosmic structure and exciting rides. Among all the activities visitors prefer the ice skating ring, discotheque and the roller-coasters, making these the primary attractions here.

The amusement park features many rides that cater to all age groups. Thus making it a perfect family outing in Mumbai. Inside, you will also find many shopping stalls. Essel World is the perfect place for people wanting to have a holistic experience. The best thing about the theme park is that it remains open all throughout the year. Essel World one of the main places to visit in Mumbai takes its visitors to another world. When you visit the park, you will also want to say “Essel World mein rahunga main! Ghar nahi jaunga main.”

Film city


Located in Goregaon in the western parts of Mumbai the experience of Film city is surreal. Bollywood is known for all its film sets and glamour. At these sets, you will see the large-scale investments and dedication that goes into shooting and directing a movie. While movies lie at the heart of modern India, a trip to the countries busiest city remains incomplete without a visit to one of the sound stages. On this rare tour behind the scenes, you will get a chance to mingle with the stars. Here you will also learn authentic and iconic dance moves.

Moreover, you may wish to hop on the tour bus to explore the main action at the Film city. Learn about the evolution of Bollywood movies and dramas from the black and white era to the modern hi-tech innovations in movie making. Additionally, you hop on the Mumbai tour bus and cruise past the magnificent homes of the biggest film stars located in and around the area. The tour also offers a round trip pick up and drop off from your Mumbai hotels, ports or even airport. If you are a die-hard Bollywood fan, this is your paradise.

Worli Sealink


This is an eight-laned Sealink over the Mahim Bay and one of Mumbai’s dream roadway. This seems like an architect and engineering marvel. This is why it also lists in our main places to visit in Mumbai. It is said that the Bridge weighs almost as much as 50,000 African Elephants. One of India’s first roadway over the sea. The Worli Sealink is important because it reduces travel time and the famed Mumbai traffic. The toll charges mounted to 60 Rs after waving it off for the first 30 days making the highest all over India.

Mumbai Dabbawala


Not to forget the Mumbai Dabbawalas. Yes, this is the main sight whilst you visitIndia’s commercial centre. The Dabbawalas roam all around the city to deliver office goers their homemade tiffins for lunch. They are the prime reason why many office goers remain in shape and live a healthy lifestyle. The Dabbawalas in Mumbai is the age-old Swiggy or Zomato the Millenials see today. They are hardworking men and women who ride their cycles all day to pick up and deliver lunch boxes. If you sight men or women wearing a white topi pushing a cart loaded with bags during the lunch hours you may have probably sighted a Dabbawala. They look peculiar and do their job with dedication and a smile always on their face. They take pride in doing what they do and they are famed for their punctuality.

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