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October 4, 2023


  • December 15, 2018
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When you hear Pattaya, you automatically think about the beachside. Apart from the famed beaches, Pattaya can transport its tourists into a different world. Located on Thailands eastern Gulf coast, Pattaya stands east of Bangkok. This town is unique because of its vibrant and playful aura. This is also why many tourists usually wish to visit the city. Many party animals and travel enthusiasts visit Pattaya in search of adventure and thrill. This is thus one of the best places to visit during the winters.

Initially, the town was a fishery line as it is a city that is located on the coastal side. This was a quiet fishing village just recently. However, today the town features premium resort hotels and highrise condos with beautiful scenic views. The city also offers a crazy nightlife and shopping experiences that fill your soul. Tourists also flock to the Wat Phra Yai temple on the hills which features an 18 meters tall Buddha. Additionally, the area also has massive golf courses that lie by the Pattaya Bay.

The city rose to fame due to its spectacular beaches and thriving nightlife. Many youngsters and couples decide to crowd the town each year. Also, the city continually brims with life due to a large number of nature lovers, photographers, and water adventures. However, when the daylight dims and night falls the action shifts to the streets where tourists get to explore Pattaya’s exclusive nightlife. This is the time when drinking and partying continue until the morn. Apart from all this the city also has many luxury and peaceful accommodations. Moreso that the city has surpassed the stereotype of it being a beach destination and now attracts a more massive crowd with varied expectations.

Pattaya Weather


The weather in the region remains hot almost throughout the year. Due to its location, the city witnesses three prominent seasons and is highly subjected to the monsoons. The weather in Pattaya however, doesn’t affect its tourism. The choice is up to you as to which climatic condition would suit you the best.

Further, the more cooling season begins in November and extends up to February. This remains the best time to visit the town as it witnesses the perfect combination of hot and cold. However, during these months the city receives scanty rainfall, and the temperatures remain warm. This is why the months remain the costliest months regarding accommodation, travel and other ticket fares.

Additionally, March, April, and May fill Pattaya with immense heat and remain the hottest months in the city. This is also why the travel fares drop drastically low and ideally becomes the best time to opt for budget travelers. However, you must be warned that the humidity increases and you would have to travel in the scorching heat. The air from the sea tends to balance out the heat. By the end of the hot season, rains pour down and clear the place of heat.

Mosquitos fill this region during the rainy season, and you must always wear your repellent. Moreover, it witnesses brief rains which are intense. This usually happens between June and October. Many tourists do not prefer traveling to Pattaya during this time. Sometimes the place also faces flooding which leads to unhygienic living conditions. But it rarely rains for a whole day. This becomes an ideal time to visit the town as the beaches and bars remain free of crowds, and hotel rates fall to the floor.

Pattaya Hotels


The tourism in the city was initiated by the American Soldiers. With an increase in recognition for the various things to do in Pattaya, many hotels had also been established. Some of them today stand as luxurious world-class resorts. This iconic place remains the Nautical Inn which stands to this day holding the pride of being the city’s first hotel. However, the first bar in the region dates back to 1960s and resides in the Nova Lodge Hotel that still exists.

It’s only during the ’70s that Pattaya was reformed with many large hotels namely, Orchid Lodge, Tropicana, Merlin and many more. During the ’80s the Royal Wing opened its doors to the public. This is a special wing in the Royal cliff, which was considered one of the best hotels in Asia by the end of the ’90s. The ambassador hotel stands as the largest resort in the world and resides in the beautiful Pattaya. Moreover, what makes the stay more special is that it is right on the beach having 4800 rooms.

Further, many advanced and fancy looking luxury hotels have developed shape in recent times. Some such hotels are Sheraton, Garden Cliff and new projects also intend on developing. These hotels plan to come up in different localities of Pattaya, that would help develop the entire region. This is what will help improve tourism in the economy as well. In spite of being a favorable tourist destination, Pattaya lags regarding budget-friendly accommodations. Thus, you must find the ideal time for a vacation here if you are on a budget.

Things to do in Pattaya

The first thing that anyone would expect to do in Pattaya is to play in the sand and enjoy beachside activities. While this remains the primary reason for tourists to visit the city, there are many other options as well. Many tourists come here in seek of leisure and to escape from noisy and hectic lives. You may want to tour Pattaya and enjoy the various things to do in Pattaya.

Pattaya is also famed for its Replies Believe it or not. This place offers the tourists wacky insights to weird stories from around the world. Further, the city has something to offer for everyone no matter what you decide to tour for. You can enjoy leisure, luxury, pleasant weather, stay amidst spectacular sceneries and relish the local Thai food. The city is divided into three key divisions namely Naklua, Pattaya Beach and Jomtien and a few more districts nearby. All of these divisions have their unique features and attractions. Some parts offer tourists the traditional life of Thailand and the others feature luxury resorts and exciting things to do in Pattaya. Here we bring to you the various things to do in the city of beaches.

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Coral Island Pattaya


Head to one of the relaxing beaches of Pattaya. When you choose to visit these islands, you can also go one a leisure ferry ride. Also, for the adventurous bunch, you’ll are spoilt for choice when you visit the Coral Isle due to the very many water sporting facilities. This place will even wake and drill energy into a 70-year-old.

Some of the many watersports here are paragliding, parasailing, scuba diving, boating as well as surfing. You can start with a ride in a motorboat which will take you far away from the shores to give you a taste of the salty waters. Hop on to the boat and go parasailing with your friends and family. You may wish you stay up in the sky or take a din into the sea while you glide. Then you may preferably move on to the most exciting part in the reefs, Scuba diving. Some of you who have arrived in Pattaya for a slightly longer vacation may also gain an insightful lesson of surfing or scuba diving.

Visitors who love the waters of the sea may also choose to take the jetski and ride over the waves. Have fun making those water trails and glory in the gushing wind as well as sprinkles of sea water. However, make sure you choose the right time and climatic conditions to enjoy the adventure sports to the fullest. These clear blue waters will leave you wanting for more. It is advisable to start with your day early on and reach the spot to enjoy everything the beach has to offer.

Walking Street


One of the most famous streets in Pattaya and arguably one of the most fun streets is the walking street. The moment you enter the street you are invited to an area filled with energy and brightness. However, the best time to visit this street is during the night. Authentically, this street puts on its best play during the dark. Also, this street is famed to highlight the city’s nightlife.

Furthermore, one of the most common sights in the daytime here is the masseuse’ inviting the visitors for relaxing massages. You may even get tempted to enter one only by looking at those comfortable massage chairs and recliners. The street remains busy throughout the day. You can just while away your time in Pattaya just by staring at the sea and the movement of the ships and boats along it. Another marvellous waterbody is the Pattaya Public Beach which is frequented by most of the passersby of the walking street. After a rough day at the beach, you can choose to get a warm foot massage right at the beach.

While you take a stroll around the street, you can also choose to pick up fresh seafood from one of the outlets. Enjoy your evening walk with tasteful music played on the streets and many entertaining acts put forth by various entertainers. Walking on the street would tire you yet keep you entertained.

Sanctuary of Truth


Prasat Mai/ Sanctuary or Truth is a temple construction in Pattaya. This temple built by wood encompasses sculptures of traditional Buddhist and Hindu motifs. This 105-meter tall sanctuary features contemporary art depicting religious themes. The style of the construction evokes Khmer architecture that showcases handcrafted wooden sculptures. The structure is a combination of culture and art. This wooden monument has been put together without even a single nail. This boggles the mind that someone can ever pull something like that off.

You may wish to rest by a restaurant right beside the Sanctuary and munch on some tasty Thai meals. The restaurant complements the sanctuary through its wooden resemblance. If you want to go back and complete your tour of the sanctuary you’d have to cross the wooden stairs. While you do this, you can pop your go pro out and revolve it around for a memory of the view surrounding you. The surroundings fill you with greenery and many mini waterfalls. As you reach the foundation of the sanctuary, you’d be asked to wear white helmets.

Furthermore, within the building visitors would have a deeper understanding of human responsibility, Ancient life, Cycle of living, the universe, etc. The structure is yet to be entirely constructed and the tentative period of the completion is said to be 2050. The idea of such a marvel came in the mind of a businessman named Lek Viriyaphant. When you exit the Temple, you go out with a sense of peace and calmness which leads you toward a massive lake right outside the exit route. As you walk moving away from the sanctuary, your lungs fill with fresh oxygenated air from the thick greenery around.

Mini Siam


Do you wish to travel the world and not worry about wastage of time or money? Well, if you are in Pattaya, you could just pay a visit to Mini Siam and travel the world in not more than 80 minutes. This park is located behind the Pattaya Boxing Stadium another delightful sight.

What’s more? Amidst the lush green gardens, Mini Siam also houses almost 100 duplicates of famous sites from all over the world. Thus, when you visit the site, you’d feel no less that Gulliver on his travels.

This 46,400 sqm area started as a research project. It divided by a small river into Mini Siam and Mini Europe. One can easily cross over the river and reach the other side. When you choose to step into this marvel, you would be drawn towards the sites from the Western and Eastern Hemispheres. You can view monuments such as the Eiffel Tower, Opera House Sydney, Statue of Liberty and so on as you cross over the stream the doors of Thailand open for you.

An entry into Mini Siam would cost an adult around 250 baht, and for a child, it remains 120 baht. You will capture a few magical moments with your family or friends. Visit the miniature replica of the world and enjoy the perfect holiday in Pattaya. Each corner of the area showcases a particular country’s culture, traditions, heritage sites, and fine arts. End your one day tour in Mini Siam by heading on to the racecourse for a go-karting session.

Art in Paradise


The Art in Paradise encloses many masterpieces within its walls. Yes, this place stands by its name. It’s not only overwhelming as you enter but when you exit the place, you will leave it wanting more. The structure and the art within it is an aspiring artists delight. We feel that every artist’ must visit this paradise at least once in their lifetime. One of the unique characteristics of this place is that the walls are filled with 2D designs that give then the visual feel of a 3D image.

If you love clicking wild pictures or wish to pursue photography, this is the place to visit. A leading magazine may also select you based on your skills portrayed in this place. Many guests, enjoy a photo session at this place all by themselves. This is why we recommend you to visit the gallery during least crowded hours. Also, the gallery opens at 9:00 a.m and the last ticket sale takes place at 9:30 p.m while the museum closes at 10:00 p.m.

This place has also been used by many directors and cinematographers to shoot many films and documentaries. Rightly so, as the museum is one of the largest interactive and illusion modern art structure in the world. A brief history of the museum states that visionary artist Shin Jae Yeoul came up with this crazy concept. The South Korean artist is now the Museum’s Director. His vision of providing an insight into the simplicity of art to the general public had played out well. He transformed an old building into a memorable and vibrant journey.

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