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November 29, 2023
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Paris On A Short Visit

  • May 5, 2016
  • 4 min read

There is so much to do and so much to see in the city of Paris that it is impossible to savor everything that the city has to offer on a short visit. To be able to even have just a taste of the distinct flavors that are unique to Paris, a holiday to the city should be no less than a week. Alas, even a week would be too brief.

However, if a week is all that you have, all the more that you should make the most out of your visit to Paris. To maximize your holiday, you should take Paris one bite at a time. Never mind that you would not be able to get to see the whole of Paris in your brief stay there.
To see just one part of Paris on a short stay is better than rushing through the city in an attempt to see everything. Taking Paris one bite at a time would leave longer lasting impressions and more colorful memories. It will also give you a reason to come back to Paris for more.

So, how do you savor Paris on a short visit?

The first thing you should do after you have shaken off the jet lag is to hop on a tourist bus or on a boat on the River Seine. Spend your first day hopping on and off tourist buses and the Metro just to get your first feel of Paris and to get your bearings. You do not need to see one of the many tourist attractions in Paris just yet.

When you return to your hotel room on your first day, make a list of the attractions that you have seen on your overview of Paris on board these tour buses. Since you have only a short time to spend in Paris, prioritize the places that you want to see. Also, expect to see only one or two attractions a day; you cannot expect a lot of beautiful memories to form by rushing through the places that makes Paris a worthwhile place to visit.

From your second day on, roam about the city on foot on your way to your chosen itineraries for the day. Who knows what delightful spot or corner you might discover while strolling about the city? You do not have anything to worry about walking in Paris, as long as it is in daytime. The city is quite flat and very friendly to pedestrians. If you do get tired, you can take a short rest at a sidewalk café. Then just flag a cab on your way back to your hotel.

And since you have only a short holiday to Paris, remember to see these popular landmarks that Paris is known for:

1. The Louvre Museum. The Louvre is the world’s most visited museum, and it houses some of the best artworks that man has ever produced. However, it would be very foolish to see the entire Louvre in just one day. The best time to go there is on a slow weekday.

2. The Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower is considered to be among the most recognizable structures in the world. It is also the global icon that stands for Paris. You can see the Eiffel Tower from any point in Paris, but the view from the top of the Tower is something you should not miss.

3. The Arc de Triomphe. The Arc is another monument that is considered iconic of Paris. It stands on the Place de l’Etoile at the eastern end of Champs-Élysées, serving to commemorate the soldiers of France who died in its wars. You can climb to the top of the Arc and enjoy a panoramic view of Paris.

4. The Notre Dame de Paris. The Notre Dame de Paris is one of the most beautiful examples of Gothic architecture in the world. It is also a treasure trove of medieval sculptures and stained glass windows. The Cathedral has been featured in many books, films and even video games, most notably The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Always remember that a visit to Paris must be savored, especially on short visits. You can always return to see what you have missed on another holiday.

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