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November 29, 2023
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Packing Without Wrinkles

  • March 4, 2017
  • 3 min read

Going on a trip is fun. Packing for the trip, on the other hand, is not. One major irritation that most travelers have when packing their suitcases is figuring out how to put their clothes and other stuff in them without getting them too wrinkled-up later on, when they are in the process of unpacking upon reaching their destination.

Getting your clothes all wrinkled up while they are sitting in your suitcase as you make the trip to wherever it is that you are headed is inevitable, unless the clothes you have brought with you are made from fabrics that do not wrinkle at all. As inevitable as ending up with wrinkled clothes when you unpack in your hotel room later on is, getting your clothes less wrinkled when packing is still possible.

Avoiding wrinkles when packing is merely a matter of organization. The first step towards organized packing is laying out everything that you will be bringing with you. Decide what clothes you are going to wear during your trip, take them out of the closet and lay them on the bed. Do the same with your shoes, toiletries, makeup, medicine, passport, laptop – everything. Group these articles according to which bag they will go to, but remember to distribute your clothes and underwear in case your luggage gets lost. Put at least one separate set of clothes in your carry-on luggage for this event. Your valuables – jewelry, passport, money and other documents – should also go inside your carry-on bag.

Instead of just folding your clothes, roll them too. This will greatly reduce the wrinkling that your clothes will face while sitting inside your suitcase. Try rolling three tees, shirts or blouses together for more anti-wrinkling action.

Refrain from putting your things inside your suitcase in a haphazard manner. Again, you are trying to be organized in your packing to get your clothes in good condition when you get to your destination. Instead, stack the stuff you are going to bring with you inside the suitcase. The heaviest items go to the bottom of the suitcase. Also, put into your suitcase first the clothes you cannot roll, and then place your rolled clothing on top. Putting your rolled clothes in first will defeat the purpose of keeping them from getting wrinkled; instead, they will be crushed.

Make sure that your suitcase is full, that all the space and all the compartments are utilized fully. If your suitcase is only half-full, your clothes will only slosh all over the empty space, get crushed, and end up wrinkled. If you think your suitcase is too big for all the items you will be bringing for your trip, opt for a smaller bag. You can also transfer some items you are thinking of bringing with you in your carry-on case to the bag you will be checking in. But of course, your valuables should stay inside the carry-on.

Packing should not be that much of a bother, and your trip should not be hampered by the discovery that your clothes are all wrinkled up from your packing. Have a happy, wrinkle-free journey!


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