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October 3, 2023
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Niagara Falls Canada – Hotels, Weather, Review, Casino, Attractions

  • June 26, 2018
  • 10 min read
Niagara Falls Canada – Hotels, Weather, Review, Casino, Attractions
Do you remember your mother saying “oh, stop the Niagara Falls” when she hears you cry for no reason at all? If not this, we have heard the “Niagara falls” reference at least once in our lives. It just slips out of our tongues naturally! Niagara Falls is not just a large amount of water present at the international border, it is a beautiful natural wonder as well. If you are a nature lover, then Niagara Falls is a location you must have on your bucket list. This beautiful collision of waters is a view that travelers cover miles for. People come to watch the waterfalls from all over the world.Niagara Falls is a scenic beauty trapped between the hustle of two large states. It is not only just a beautiful name in children’s GK textbooks; it is a valuable source of hydroelectric power that displays an ecstatic view for travelers to admire. Niagara Falls is a name given to three waterfalls that come together at the international border between the Canadian province of Ontario and the American state of new york. The three waterfalls that make Niagara falls are the Horseshoe Falls, the American Falls, and the Bridal Veil Falls.

Niagara Falls, Ontario, is a Canadian city at the famous waterfalls of the same name. The Rainbow Bridge links this city to the United States Of America.


The city of Niagara Falls has a humid continental climate which is moderated to an extent in all seasons by proximity to water bodies. Winters are cold, with the temperature dropping to a -7.8 degree Celsius in January. From mid-March to May, is an unstable season, characterized by sudden changes in temperature: initially cold in March, with frequent snowfalls and frosts, it advances gradually, with the first warm days but also the return of cold weather.

From June to August, the climate is warm and quite sunny. There is a moderate amount of cool and cloudy days, with some chance of rain. When the weather is fine, thunderstorms can erupt in the afternoon.

Best time to visit Niagara Falls, Ontario?

The best time to visit Niagara Falls is from June to August. Summer is peak season and with good reason. Mists and breezes from the Niagara falls make the area feel colder than the surrounding places. In general, the mists coming from the waterfalls create an enjoyable atmosphere for inhabitants.

Does Niagara Falls Freeze in the winter?

When winter arrives in Niagara Falls, sheets of snow and ice cover the Niagara Falls. The thick and solid snow covers the falls, but the falls don’t completely freeze up.


Tourist Review

Tourists love their visits to Niagara Falls; they appreciate the scenic beauty and the historical presence in the city. Tourists find it hard to describe how beautiful the view really is! If you want to know it, you have to see it on your own.

There is immense power in the resonance provided by the waves and waterfall. There is a firework show at night which happens in June to July (mainly in summers). And the city and the waterfall gets illuminated at night which makes it heavenly to look at.

Comfortable accommodations

Niagara Falls, Ontario provides its visitors with all the comfort and luxury. You don’t need to live in a water lodged room to be able to view the majestic waterfall in its full glory. There are many places to stay in Niagara Falls, you can find several hotels, motels, bed and breakfast places, campgrounds and RV parks, cottages, and vacation rentals, etc. In fact, there is something for everyone. You can be as close to the falls as you want, not too close to be washed away but enough for a fantastic view.

A fundamental tip that you must remember if you are here for the view is that the new york side does not have any hotels which offer an extraordinary view of the falls. If you want to stay at a hotel with the view of the falls, you should stay in a hotel on the Canadian side of the border.

Niagara Falls Accommodations with Fallsview

( Canadian side of the border)

Embassy Suites Fallsview

This is Niagara fall’s best hotel with a beautiful view and suitable accommodations. A general characteristic of a typical Fallsview hotel room is that they are not that big, but embassy provides spacious rooms. The top floor suites offer the best view.

Details: This hotel provides free breakfast, and evening receptions with light appetizers and drinks are also complimentary. The hotel also has a casual restaurant, indoor pool, an arcade, a fitness room, etc.

Room price: Prices of rooms vary from INR 10,000 or $146.10


Hilton Fallsview hotel

Hilton Fallsview hotel is indeed a fantastic hotel. They have a great staff, two fabulous restaurants, a waterpark. This hotel has 54 floors which offer an extraordinary view of the falls. Hilton is an excellent choice for family vacations or personal business trips. You can also visit the casino which is present just across the street, and it takes only 10 minutes to reach the brink of the falls.

Details: Some rooms provide a view of both American and Canadian Horseshoe Falls. Some rooms are equipped with jacuzzi tubs, flat screen TV’s, fireplaces, etc.

There are three fabulous restaurants with the provision of exceptional service and menu.

Price: A king room with the US falls view is available at the cost of INR 18,000 or $262.


Niagara Falls Marriott Fallsview

The Marriott Fallsview offers great views of the Canadian falls. The dining space at the terrapin grill has a great view of the horseshoe falls. This hotel is located just 5 minutes away from the Fallsview Casino and the Scotia Bank Convention Center.

Details: Each guest room provides a TV, a coffee maker, a mini-bar, individual climate control. Some luxurious rooms also have a hot tub and a fireplace. Guests enjoy the availability of Starbucks in the lobby, and the restaurants are also excellent. The hotel also has a spa. This hotel also provides shuttle service to transport guests to the casino and other attractions

Prices: Prices start from INR 15,000 or $219.


Accommodations without Fallsview

( New York)

Seneca Niagara Hotel and Casino

Seneca Niagara Hotel and Casino is a great hotel, and probably the poshest hotel you will find in Niagara falls new york. If you are not afraid to whip some cash out of your pocket, this is the place for you. The three restaurants, a casino, and live entertainment make it an exotic place to stay at. It is about twelve minutes away from the brink of the American falls if you decide to take a walk in the beautiful weather.

Details: The room service is available 24 hours a day. This place has a casino, a concierge desk, an arcade or game room. There is a full-service spa here as well. All guest rooms have minibars, bathtubs. Wifi is free as well.

Price: The price of the room starts from INR 30,000 or $438.


Attractions ( Things to do in Niagara Falls)

All the best and most beautiful attractions of Niagara falls involve views of the majestic waterfall. After all, these waterfalls are the heart of the city. The name and the fame of the city are because of the beautiful waters that surround the international borders. The list of the things you can do in Niagara Falls, Ontario is endless. You can take on the breathtaking view of the waterfall up close, museums, helicopter rides, arcade and game parks. There are many landmark sites that you can visit as well.

There are special cruises and tours to the waterfall as well.

Maid of the mist

The maid of the mist tour provides a journey into the heart of one of North America’s most powerful waterfalls. You can hear the roar of 600,000 gallons of water falling right in front of your eyes! You can feel the rush of the mist on your face and the experience is heavenly.

The visitors love the ride on the maid, and they say you can’t come to Niagara and not indulge in this great experience. The tour length is just 20 minutes, and the price is very reasonable as well.

Price: The yours depart every fifteen minutes. The tickets cost around $18.25 for adults, $10.65 for kids. The schedules fluctuate depending on the season.


Buffalo Niagara

The Buffalo Niagara Region is an economic region that is a part of the great lakes region of North America. There are a lot of things you can do and a lot of places you can visit, but that’s a whole another article to read.

They say that ” whether you already know the buffalo or not, it’s always going to surprise you. There’s amazing architecture, incredible art, delicious food, natural beauty, and some of the nicest people anywhere. I know what you’re thinking — “Well, of course, YOU love Buffalo. You’re the Unexpected Buffalo!” And that’s true, I guess. But I’ll bet you anything if you come and check it out, you’re going to love Buffalo just as much as I do.


Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

This museum is located on top of Clifton Hill, Ripley’s Niagara holds three main attractions for fans of bizarre, Ripley’s Odditorium, The moving Theater, and Louis Tussaud’s Wax Works. You can discover a view of 800 astonishing artifacts in 13 themed and interactive galleries. The moving Theater provides a thrilling ride in its state of the art 4D theater.

The Ripley music theater ticket is for $8.23. The Louis Tussaud’s waxwork ticket is for $11.75, and the ticket to the Odditorium costs $14.27.


Cave of the winds in Niagara Falls

The cave of the winds trip gives you a closer look at the waters of Niagara Falls. You have to ride an elevator 53 meters deep into the Niagara George. Then, the tour guide over a series of wooden walkways to the famous “Hurricane Deck” Everyone can experience the sights of Niagara Falls. Massive amounts of waterfalls in front of you and creates a beautiful view. It is a way to see the waters from below, so it is apparent that you are expected to get wet.

Skylon Tower Observation Deck

Firstly, you ride to the top of the tower in the glass-enclosed exterior elevator. It gives a 52-second trip to the indoor and outdoor observation deck. Skylon tower has two restaurants, the revolving dining room, and the casual but distinctive summit suite buffet.

The revolving dining room rotates 360 degrees in one hour, offering majestic views of the falls and the city below. There are several stores and marketplaces you can shop in.

Price: The price of one ticket is $10.52.

Great Canadian Midway

The Great Canadian Midway entertainment complex is a favorite family adventure. The great Canadian midway has interactive rides and games for all ages. From Deal or No deal, arcade games, there are games for everyone. You will get tickets for the points you earn, and you can redeem for fantastic prices. The Great Canadian Midway entertainment complex is located towards the bottom of Clifton Hill. You can also buy the fun pass, by using the fun pass you can play the games at a meager price. The Clifton hill fun pass is quite expensive but if you consider the overall cost of the games it is actually a better option to choose.

Price: The price of the Clifton hill fun pass $25.42.

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