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October 3, 2023


  • November 17, 2018
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Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels in the World

A hotel is one such place which makes you feel at home away from home. Your home is your paradise and accommodation such as a hotel shelters you during your vacations. Some hotels pamper you more than the others by offering the best facilities and suites. The primary thing you want from your accommodation is good food and a comfortable stay. Moreover, you’d prefer a stay that has a clean environment, excellent service, and amazing amenities. Wouldn’t you? Have you ever wished to live a royal lifestyle? Well, here are the top 10 most expensive hotels in the world:

Burj Al Arab


The Entrance of the most luxurious hotel in the world

The first of the top 10 most expensive hotels in the world is the majestic Burj Al Arab. Located in the region of Jumeirah, Dubai, this place is regarded as the most luxurious place in the world. This is Dubai’s most fascinating and famous landmarks. This is because of it’s the peculiar structure of a sailboat emerging from the sea. During the night you can visualise this as a silhouette almost blending with the night’s sky.

Opened in 1999 it is a self-acclaimed the worlds first 7-star hotel.  The lobby will surely impress you with its enormous boulders and twirling fountains. The highlight of its designs is in the grid that looks like a honeycomb.

Your dream of securing a royal treatment will come true at the hotels most expensive suites “The Royal Suite.” This box of elegance and classy decor costs $25000 a night. It’s insanely lavish. What adds to its fame is the sight from 25th-floor is mesmerising. If you have money to burn it on this suite, then you are in for a treat.

Some of the ridiculous, exciting facilities are your private dining area with a butler, a comfortable Arabic style lounge and cozy rotating master bed with 13 pillows if this is not enough wait for the features you will see in your bathroom. This is the most impressive place in the suite as it provides a spa and a bathtub with a spectacular colour scheme and a tinge of gold here and there. The design on the carpet is eye-catchy. If you have extra dough in your pocket, we suggest you spend this luxurious experience.

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Hotel Cala Di Volpe, Sardinia, Italy


A luxurious seaside Hotel

This hotel located in Porto Cervo, in the heart of the mainland. The picture above is the proof that the hotel harmonises almost entirely with its surrounding environment. Also, the Volpe attracts many tourists due to its Mediterranean style and elegant designs. It’s arch’s, terraces and towers bled perfectly well with the lush green plantation and crystal blue sea. The hotel stands out in prominence amidst its breath-taking surroundings.

What the guests love the most is the lunch by the Barbeque restaurant. Some also choose to relish traditional meals while sipping the famed Italian wine at its Lunch and Dine restaurant. Many travel enthusiasts also prefer this accommodation due to its wide variety of services and outdoor activities. One could choose to relax in its Olympic size saltwater swimming pool. The hotel also boasts three tennis courts, a golf club. Many beachside activities which include kayaking, skiing, sailing etc. can be enjoyed with your family members.

The best part about Volpe is its courteous staff and helpful management. Thus, all these features help the hotel gain its fame not only among tourists but also among many critics. A night at one of the Hotel’s most luxurious suites would cost you a whopping $2350-$2500. The prices may vary depending on the season you choose. So choose your dates wisely to book a suite in one of the most expensive hotels in the world.

Raj Palace Grand Heritage Hotel, Jaipur, India

Ever wanted to visit India and be a part of the ancient Indian royalty? You may have witnessed many sumptuous Indian Weddings in many Bollywood movies and if you’ve noticed most of them have costly looking settings and hotels. India is one of the fastest growing economies also holds the prestige of encompassing one of the most expensive hotels in the world, The Raj Palace Heritage Hotel. Its terrace overlooks the city’s historical layout and multileveled royal residences. Some in-house facilities include the Swapna Mahal which is no less than an excellent dining multi-cuisine restaurant.

Located in India’s Pink city Jaipur, this lovely hotel built in 1727 offers one of the most expensive stays at $15,000 per night. The Maharaja Pavilion Presidential Suit( Shahi Mahal Suit) features a dignified and illustrious look and a cozy feel. While there are many reasons to choose a stay here, there are a few that can only be experienced and not explained. On choosing one of it’s most expensive suits you receive offers such as multiple bedrooms and living rooms. Moreover, you will have your private pavilion within the palace. From its attentive staff to the premier Indian delicacies enjoy a stay of a lifetime in this spectacular five-star hotel.

Hotel President Wilson, Geneva, Switzerland

One of the most expensive getaways in Switzerland Hotel President Wilson also features as one of the most expensive hotels in the world. The status is well deserved as the accommodation offers some spectacular luxuries and world-class service. This hotel is situated just a few steps from Geneva’s treasured shopping stores and posh restaurants. Moreover, the magnificent Lake facing rooms and views of the snowcapped Mount Blanc as well as the hilly Alps has no match. What’s more? The stay offers modern technology and attracts you to its fabulous art and design and lip-smacking meals.

Additionally, it features worlds costliest room the Royal penthouse suite. The suite sits on the topmost floor of the hotel, giving its residents a panoramic view of the lake. Its unique feature is a private terrace that consists of a telescope for the one who wishes to spend a romantic night out in the open sky watching the twinkling stars. Including all this, you also get to space yourself out with your pals in 12 different bedrooms.

Also, freshen up in your jacuzzi that faces the lake in your fancy marble tiled bathroom. With all this, you also sign up for a chauffeur and chef who keep you well entertained. The suite is planned to offer maximum security and thus features bulletproof windows, an alarm and a metal safe for your valuables. The rate for this penthouse starts at 80,000 for an overnight stay. Gear up to spoil yourself at this hotel on your visit to Swiss heaven in Geneva.

Four Seasons, New York City

The luxury hotel stands in Midtown and attracts many celebrities and the creme of the society due to its elegance. Moreover, many tourists choose this stay as it resides close to many renowned restaurants and well-known sights. Tourists also prefer this stay for their shopping sprees. The Four Seasons is thus preferred for its proximity to many posh areas of New York. However, that is not all; The hotel encompasses lavish guest rooms and designer spaces. Also, most of the rooms are well furnished and consist of well stocked up bars.

What many people who come to stay here love are the rooms facing the Central Park. Also, many health-conscious tourists relish their mid-day meals at the hotel’s restaurant with its special health driven menu. Another strong aspect is the hotel’s gym with Technogym equipment.

Guests in need of peace and a stressfree time can visit the hotel’s spa. The spa is equipped with a sauna, steam room and more. However, the spa does not contain a pool. You may also want to watch your favourite TV series or a movie using the hotel’s high-speed wifi. The high-speed wifi does come with an additional fee. However, standard wifi remains free. These few luxuries make the Four Seasons, Nw York City one of the most expensive hotels in the world. A night’s stay at this hotel starts at $950 and can go to $1250.

Laucala Island Resort, Fiji

Located in Fiji, this Island remained private for a long time, but a few years back many villas were built to accommodate visitors and tourists. You may even choose this beautiful Island for your destination wedding.

On your arrival, expect a warm welcome by the staff who will sing you Fijian tunes and serve you with coconut juice. After which, you will be escorted by your SUV to your villa. You may also choose a fun buggy ride. When you decide to select this luxurious resort for your stay, you automatically select a pampering with full daily breakfasts up to two people per accommodation. Furthermore, you can avail one spa treatment enjoyable up to 60 minutes per person per stay, and there will be an upgrade on your accommodation subjected to availability.

Additionally, The Delana Hilltop Estate features as the most expensive villa in the hotel. Thus helps list the hotel as one of the most expensive hotels in the world. This estate costs $55,000 a night. You will see the resorts private white sand beach and the constant reach of the magnificent South Sea. Choose this estate and transport to another world altogether amidst the elegant decor and ample ventilation. The resort makes for a true worry-free stay as it takes care of all your requirements from childcare to your butler service. This is a top pick for anyone visiting Fiji.

Fun fact: The resort is owned by the founder of your favourite fizzy drink RedBull. Dietrich Mateschitz purchased the resort from Forbes estate.

Hotel Plaza Athenee, Paris

Picture this; you choose to visit one of the gorgeous cities on Earth, Paris. You select one of the most expensive hotels in the world to accommodate yourself. Your room faces the Italian capital of romance, and it’s jewel, the Effeil Tower. You’re surrounded by natures precious gems and when you think it can’t get any better, wait for an experience in the Royale Suite in Hotel Plaza.

A night at the Royal Suite would cost you about $ 30,000. The decor is equipped with French-styled furniture. Furthermore, the room offers four spacious bedrooms, a private kitchen, an exclusive office and two beautiful drawing rooms any artist would admire. It’s furniture blends perfectly and suits many fashions lighting up the room with a mix of contemporary designs with Parisian traditions. The bathrooms are tiled with sparkling Italian marble and are fitted with a steam room, a jacuzzi, and an inbuilt TV.

Furthermore, it gives its residents easy access to attractive shopping destinations that include some well-known brands. This elegance is coupled with high-tech features that include tight security as well as some classy lighting. The wait is over. Relax and rejuvenate in one of the most expensive hotels in the world on a cozy visit to Paris with your loved one.

 Grand Hyatt Cannes, Hotel Martinez


Have you ever heard about the Cannes Film Festival? Ever wondered where the glamorous celebrities and hosts choose to stay? Well, Hotel Martinez an unbound Hyatt group’s venture is most famous amongst many. Moreover, the Hotel’s facilities, amenities, and dedicated management help create an attractive atmosphere. Thus this accommodation houses the creme of the glamorous world. Since the hotel finds its place in the famed La Croisette Boulevard, it tends to gain tourist interest. This is why Martinez is considered one of the most expensive hotels in the world.

If you want to live a life of an A-list Hollywood star amidst a scenic view, Martinez in Cannes is just the right hotel. A night at this Hotel’s 17,976 sqft suite is $41,000. The suite also features a huge terrace which overlooks the bay and the Hotel’s very own private beach. The rooms have seen a recent renovation. With this renovation, the hotel has redecorated the rooms in a contemporary art deco style. Furthermore, the suites offer well-equipped rooms including A/c’s, television sets and so on. The rooms also feature a marble bathroom.

Also, the guests can relish a meal at the onsite restaurant or twirl a glass of wine by the special bar. The ZPlage restaurant offers a Mediterranean delight with dishes made of the fresh local produce and freshly fetched sea-food. The most exciting part about the beachside restaurant is that a DJ lights the nights. You can groove to the DJ’s tunes and hit the beachy dancefloor. After a long party night. You may also choose to enrol yourself for a refreshing massage at the L Raphael Spa.

Presidential Suite at Mandarin Oriental Pudong, Shangai

Shanghai hotels are well known for their over-the-top suites. The Mandarin Oriental’s presidential suite highlights the magnificence of the suites one could avail while visiting Shangai. This suite features some of the most luxurious accommodations. This 8,500 sqft room captures almost the whole of the 25th floor of the hotel. The suite also stands as a pride of the hotel. Thus, helping the hotel contribute to the list of the most expensive hotels in the world. A night at this suite would sure be a dream amidst a reality but would cost you about $24,325.

If you choose to reside in this suite, you would also receive the exclusive privilege of accessing the rooftop gardens. Within the suite, the facilities include a private wine cellar, a massive marble bathroom with an independent steam room and sauna. Some of the other reasons to choose this suite are the private kitchen and 24-hour butler services coupled with your in-house gym. With elegant interiors and numerous indoor facilities, the hotel also offers top-notch outdoor amenities.

The hotel offers a combination of comfort and world-class amenities. The accommodation features four restaurants and an indoor pool. Furthermore, amenities such as a fitness centre, cafe, bar and more attract tourists to take up a suite in this prestigious hotel. What pushes the guests further towards choosing the hotel is the well-centred location. The hotel finds its place in downtown Shanghai within a km from the famed Shanghai stock exchange. Additionally, if you visit the city for work purposes with your child, the hotel also offers childcare assistance.

R its Carlton, Tokyo, Japan


Visiting Japan for a vacation or a  business trip? You must finalise your stay at the Ritz Carlton, Tokyo which features as one of the most expensive hotels in the world. The hotel finds its place in that list rightly because of its world-class management and over-the-top amenities. The hotel resides in the city’s tallest building from the 45th floor onwards. As you settle into the stay at this grand accommodation, you will instantly feel like a part of Japanese royalty. The management and staff are courteous and helpful at all times.

Also, you would love to relish a meal from any of the hotel’s incredible restaurants while feasting your eyes to the breathtaking views. You can also enjoy Club level accommodations, a newly renovated meeting space and one whole floor dedicated to health and willingness. You will also have complimentary access to the club lounge on the 53rd floor as well as a complimentary in-room wired and wireless internet service. Thus the presidential suite helps the hotel feature in the list of one of the most expensive hotels in the world.

The one most expensive suite in this hotel is the Presidential Suite. A royal night in this suite would cost its guest around $. The room overlooks the Tokyo Skylines, Mount Fuji and the Courtyard. This room complements to the hotel with its aesthetics coupled with a contemporary style. This 2,368 sqft suite resides on the 53rd floor and includes two luxurious bathrooms, a living and dining room which offers a pantry. You also get to style yourself in the rooms very own walk-in closet.

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