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November 29, 2023
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Long Flights

  • March 4, 2017
  • 2 min read

Long flights are rarely fun for anybody and oftentimes, people emerge from the aircraft looking rumpled and feeling extremely exhausted. Not the best way to arrive at your destination, but some people may just find it too difficult to cope with long traveling hours.

The next time you fly, try out some of these tips to keep yourself comfy on board.


    • Wear some comfortable clothes. You don’t have to look like a slob in a sweatsuit, but you don’t have to get dressed up for a flight either. Choose some clothes you can move normally in and which fit you well.

Freshen up from time to time. While airlines still restrict the amount of liquids you can carry on board, the 100 mL rule can still allow you to bring a good number of products to keep you looking fresh throughout the flight. It’s doesn’t have to be an elaborate ritual. Getting up and washing your face every couple of hours and brushing your teeth after each meal can do wonders for you.

Pop in a breath mint, chew some gum, or suck on some candy to help keep your breath fresher, plus this will also ease the way you feel if you tend to suffer from motion sickness.

Don’t just stay seated throughout your flight. Get up and walk around to work out the kinks in your body. Head to the back of the plane to do some exercises. You can even just stand still for a few minutes just to stretch out.

Leaning your seat back all the way may not seem like much, but this will keep you a lot more comfortable than if you keep your seat back upright.

Ask for a hot towel to perk yourself up.

Take off your shoes. Let your feet relax during the flight, and bring some comfortable socks to keep them warm.

Bring along some citrus or mint-based massage oil and rub them on your temples and the back of your neck. It will relax you, believe it or not, plus it will also be much more pleasant for you to smell this instead of breathing in the air inside the plane.

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