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September 23, 2023

Highest Mountains

  • October 24, 2016
  • 5 min read

A comprehensive list of the highest mountains in the world. All these mountains are above 5,000 metres (16,404 ft.)

Mount Everest in the Himalayas is the tallest mountain at 8,850 m (29,035 ft). The picture to the right.

See the highest peaks in the world:


Mountain Height Country Continent
Everest 8.850 Nepal/Tibet Asia
K-2 8.611 Pakistan Asia
Kangchenjunga 8.586 Nepal/India Asia
Lhotse 8.511 Nepal Asia
Makalu 8.463 Nepal/Tibet Asia
Cho Oyu 8.201 Nepal/Tibet Asia
Dhaulagiri 8.167 Nepal Asia
Manaslu 8.163 Nepal Asia
Nanga Parbat 8.125 Pakistan Asia
Annapurna 8.091 Nepal Asia
Gasherbrum I 8.068 Pakistan Asia
Broad Peak 8.047 Pakistan Asia
Gasherbrum II 8.035 Pakistan Asia
Xixabangma Feng (Gosainthan) 8.012 China/Nepal Asia
Distaghil Sar 7.885 Pakistan Asia
Kunyang Chhist 7.852 Pakistan Asia
Masherbrum 7.820 Pakistan Asia
Nanda Devi 7.816 India Asia
Aling Kangri 7.815 Tibet Asia
Rakaposhi 7.788 Pakistan Asia
Batura 7.785 Pakistan Asia
Namjagbarwa Feng 7.756 Tibet Asia
Kamet 7.756 India Asia
Kamet 7.756 Tibet/India Asia
Muztagh Ata 7.546 China Asia
Saltoro Kangri 7.742 Pakistan Asia
Muztag 7.723 China Asia
Trivor 7.720 Pakistan Asia
Konkur 7.719 China Asia
Tirich Mir 7.690 Pakistan Asia
Chogolisa 7.654 Pakistan Asia
Shispar 7.619 Pakistan Asia
Gongga (Minya Konka) 7.555 China Asia
Kula Kangri 7.553 Bhutan Asia
Muztaghata 7.546 China Asia
Qullai Ismaili Somoni 7.495 Tajikistan Asia
Nowshak 7.485 Afghanistan Asia
Jengish Chokusu/ Pik Pobeda 7.439 China/Kyrgyzstan Asia
Haramosh 7.406 Pakistan Asia
Ultar 7.398 Pakistan Asia
Chomo Lhari 7.313 Bhutan/Tibet Asia
Malubiting 7.291 Pakistan Asia
Ogre (Baintha Brak) 7.285 Pakistan Asia
Minipin 7.273 Pakistan Asia
Langtang Lirung 7.245 Nepal Asia
Ganesh Himal 7.150 Nepal Asia
Kampire Dior 7.142 Pakistan Asia
Nun Kun 7.135 India Asia
Pik Lenina 7.134 Tajikistan Asia
Baruntse 7.129 Tibet Asia
Pik Korzhenevskoj 7.105 Tajikistan Asia
Jugal Himal 7.083 Nepal Asia
Urgend II 7.060 Afghanistan Asia
Kinjiroba 7.045 Nepal Asia
Khan Tengri 6.995 Kyrgyzstan Asia
Langtang Himal (Kyungka Ri) 6.979 Nepal Asia
Aconcagua 6.962 Argentina South America
Yamit 6.940 Afghanistan Asia
Ojos del Salado 6.880 Chile South America
Koyo Zom 6.872 Pakistan Asia
Bonete 6.872 Argentina South America
Ama Dablam 6.856 Nepal Asia
Tirgaran 6.843 Afghanistan Asia
Mercedario 6.770 Argentina/Chile South America
Huascaran 6.768 Peru South America
Tirgaran 6.755 Afghanistan Asia
Llullaillaco 6.723 Argentina/Chile South America
El Libertador 6.720 Argentina South America
Mt Kailash 6.714 Tibet Asia
Ghul Laast 6.665 Pakistan Asia
Jaonli 6.632 India Asia
Koheandaras 6.628 Afghanistan Asia
Yerupaja 6.617 Peru South America
Gangotri – I 6.600 India Asia
Bremeh 6.575 India Asia
Tupungato 6.550 Argentina/Chile South America
Sajama 6.542 Bolivia South America
Lasht 6.504 Afghanistan Asia
Illimani 6.439 Bolivia South America
East Ridge of Hiunchuli 6.441 Nepal Asia
Ancohuma 6.427 Bolivia South America
Coropuna 6.400 Peru South America
Huantsan 6.395 Peru South America
Huandoy 6.395 Peru South America
El Toro 6.380 Argentina/Chile South America
Ausangate 6.372 Peru South America
Illampu 6.362 Bolivia South America
Ampato 6.360 Peru South America
Cerro Palermo 6.350 Argentina South America
Las Tortolas 6.332 Argentina/Chile South America
Parinacota 6.330 Bolivia South America
Chimborazo 6.310 Ecuador South America
Chinchey (Rurichichay) 6.309 Peru South America
Juncal 6.300 Chile/Argentina South America
Marmolejo 6.300 Chile/Argentina South America
General Belgrano 6.300 Argentina South America
Anyemaqen 6.282 China Asia
Salcantay 6.271 Peru South America
Olivares 6.252 Argentina/Chile South America
Sigunaiang 6.250 China Asia
Pomerape 6.240 Bolivia South America
Chani 6.200 Argentina South America
Aucanquilcha 6.200 Bolivia/Chile South America
Huayna Potosi 6.194 Bolivia South America
McKinley 6.194 Alaska North America
Callaqui 6.164 Argentina/Chile South America
Ranrapallca 6.162 Peru South America
Stok Kangri 6.137 India Asia
Queva 6.130 Argentina South America
Chearoco 6.127 Bolivia South America
Quemado 6.120 Argentina South America
Chaupi Orco 6.100 Peru South America
Chachacumani 6.094 Bolivia South America
Solimani 6.093 Peru South America
Copiapo 6.080 Argentina/Chile South America
Pumasillo 6.070 Peru South America
Guallatiri 6.060 Bolivia South America
Chachani 6.057 Peru South America
Acotango 6.050 Bolivia South America
Cienaga 6.030 Argentina South America
Nevado Acay 6.000 Argentina South America
Tacora 5.988 Bolivia South America
Sairecabur 5.971 Chile South America
Kilimanjaro 5.895 Tanzania Africa
Logan 5.951 Canada North America
AlpaMayo 5.947 Peru South America
Licancabur 5.921 Bolivia/Chile South America
Ticlla 5.897 Peru South America
Cotopaxi 5.896 Ecuador South America
Hkakabo Razi 5.881 Burma Asia
Mururata 5.868 Bolivia South America
Volcan San Jose 5.850 Chile/Argentina South America
Cayambe 5.840 Ecuador South America
El Misti 5.822 Peru South America
Champara 5.795 Peru South America
Simon Bolivar 5.776 Colombia South America
Cristobal Colon 5.776 Colombia South America
Citlaltepetl (el Pico de Orizaba) 5.754 Mexico North America
Antisana 5.753 Ecuador South America
Huaycay Huilque 5.750 Peru South America
Gigante Grande 5.748 Bolivia South America
Urusa 5.735 Peru South America
Tunshu 5.730 Peru South America
Cashan 5.723 Peru South America
Cayesh 5.721 Peru South America
Santa Rosa 5.706 Peru South America
Murrorajo 5.688 Peru South America
Machu Sochi Conchi 5.679 Bolivia South America
Lascar 5.675 Chile South America
Damavand 5.671 Iran Asia
Raujunte 5.650 Peru South America
Condoriri 5.648 Bolivia South America
Elbrus 5.633 Russia Europe
Soral Oeste 5.640 Bolivia South America
Katantica 5.592 Bolivia South America
Jallacata 5.557 Peru South America
Surihuiri 5.556 Peru South America
Yankho Huyo 5.512 Bolivia South America
Ritacuba Blanco 5.493 Colombia South America
Mt St Elias 5.490 Canada North America
Castillo 5.485 Argentina/Chile South America
Yana Cuchilla 5.472 Peru South America
El Altar (Obispo) 5.465 Ecuador South America
Chinchina 5.463 Peru South America
Popocatepetl 5.452 Mexico North America
Cerro El Plomo 5.450 Chile South America
Cerro Burro 5.450 Peru South America
Bogda Shan 5.447 China Asia
Cunurana 5.420 Peru South America
Pico Mayor 5.365 Colombia South America
Aricoma 5.350 Peru South America
Nevado El Ruiz 5.335 Colombia South America
Iliniza Sur 5.305 Ecuador South America
Foraker 5.303 Alaska North America
Cerro Quenamari 5.294 Peru South America
Volcan Maipo 5.290 Argentina/Chile South America
Ixaccihuatl 5.286 Mexico North America
San Julian 5.275 Peru South America
Sangay 5.230 Ecuador South America
Lucania 5.228 Canada North America
El Altar 5.222 Chile South America
Tolima 5.215 Colombia South America
Rustaveli 5.201 Georgia Europe
Batian Peak (Mt Kenya) 5.201 Kenya Africa
San Francisco 5.200 Chile South America
Morado 5.200 Chile South America
Kirinyaga 5.200 Kenya Africa
Dykh-Tau 5.198 Georgia Europe
Nelion 5.190 Kenya Africa
Sosneado 5.189 Argentina/Chile South America
Mt Ararat (Buyukagri Dagi) 5.165 Turkey Asia
Shah Fuladi 5.143 Afganistan Asia
Vinson Massif 5.140 Antarctica The Poles
Margherita Peak 5.119 Zaire/Uganda Africa
Iliniza Norte 5.116 Ecuador South America
Stanley 5.110 Uganda/Zaire Africa
Cerro Negro 5.100 Chile South America
Cerro Guane Guane 5.097 Chile South America
Tungurahua 5.087 Ecuador South America
Steele 5.074 Canada North America
Kazbek 5.047 Georgia Europe
Mt Blackburn 5.037 Alaska North America
Puncak Jaya 5.030 Indonesia/ New Guinea Oceania
Pico Bolivar 5.007 Venezuela South America
Mt Bona 5.006 Alaska North America
La Paloma 5.000 Chile South America
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