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November 29, 2023


  • July 8, 2018
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The Earth protects and preserves some of Natures magical creations. Nature has created many dimensions and variations of supernatural spectacles like Waterfalls, Mountains, Islands, and Canyons. A canyon is a deep gorge or gully in the surface of the Earth. It has steep walls, and most of the time there is a river flowing at the bottom of it. The worlds third largest Canyons located in the Southwestern US, Arizona, The Grand Canyon. Initially, President Benjamin Franklin projected this site as a forest reserve. From a reserve, it went on to become the US National Park in 1919. It is said that the first to reach the Grand Canyon were Spanish Explorers. The canyon owes its discovery to García López de Cárdenas a Spanish Explorer. It remains a scientists paradise for experimentation and research. Owing to its historical richness, learning about one of the 7 Natural wonders of the world‘s evolution becomes vital.

The Birth of The Grand Canyon


Have you ever built a sand castle over a beach and watched as a wave hit it and moved the sand? This natural process of dirt and rock getting picked up and shifting from one place to another is known as erosion. When this happens on a continuous basis by a water source, it gives rise to steep depressions by picking small pieces of rock from sandy hills. This process formed the Grand Canyon. A long time ago the region was a big vast flat landscape. This famous site was created by The Colorado River flowing continuously through the hilly areas and eventually carving beautiful dents in the area. Now over 3000 litres of water flows through this region per hour creating a 5000 feet deep location.

Additionally, the Canyon is not just deep it is also extensive. It appears to be expanded due to the rainwater.  The water flows down from the sides of the Canyon acting like bits of small rivers picking up more pieces of rock and making this region-wide. Thus it remains 30 km across at its widest point. But even with the occasional big flood and heavy rains, it takes a long time for such a big Canyon to form. This is why the scientists claim that the wonder may have started taking shape from over 5-6 million years ago. The Canyons also consists of some of the oldest sediment rocks from over 2 million years ago.

However, sometimes we may not be able to see the process of erosion, and sometimes we can predict erosion is taking place. The Grand Canyon continues growing as Colorado continues flowing.

Grand Canyon Weather

The most incredible proportions are encompassed here. Its dimensions are like an inverted mountainous region. The temperature here varies depending on the season or the part of the Canyon you are at. During summer the temperature usually reaches as high as 80 degrees Farhenite. Wintertime here drops the temperature to 30 degrees Farhenite. The Southern Rim remains warmer than the Northern Rim and is snowier due to its elevation.

Moreover, the floor of the Canyon is usually the warmest part of the Canyon, as the Canyon walls always expose themselves to the sun and retain the hot suns rays throughout the day. It is wise to pack a jacket or layer your body with clothes in winter and carry bottles of water in summer. It is also most likely the tourists witness regular changes in temperature from one part of the Canyon to another. You must even know the best times to visit the Canyon before making a decision.

Best Time To Visit The Grand Canyon

The Canyon is regarded as a natural heritage and is listed in the Top 7 Wonders of the world. Due to its beauty, it is natural that many tourists would want to visit the site. Thus it becomes essential to know the best time to pay a visit at the wonder. Hence, the best times remain March throughout May. However, you may also choose to visit the place during September, October, and November. The daytime temperature is cold, and the crowds remain thin. Do not try to visit it during summer and even if you plan to make sure you make hotel and lodging reservations quite early. Also, prepare yourself to see a swarm of tourists.

Top 3 Grand Canyon Hotels

1. El Tovar

Lobby at El Tovar

This hotel was designed in the 1900s and was decorated with the perfect blend of Swiss Charlet and Norwegian Villa. To this day it remains a historic landmark. Even though people still choose this hotel over others, it continues to age and needs a revamp. However, the property resides silently surrounded by the Southern Rim offering unbelievable views.

The decor includes Native American Artwork and a rustic appeal to it. All the rooms also feature satellite televisions and coffee makers. Diners may expect international and southwestern cuisines for all the meals. The patrons can also relish a glass of award-winning wine. Also, free parking is available.

2. Little America Flagstaff


Located in 500 acres of Ponderosa Pine Forest, it offers beautiful accommodations and basecamp full day trips to the Grand Canyon. Four different two-story well-decorated lodges occupy the standard rooms on the ground floor. The rooms are quite spacious and consist of various amenities such as mini refrigerators, flat screen TV, and European furniture.

The tourists can prepare themselves for a southwestern inspired breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The external features of the lodging are magnificent. It includes a pool, hot tub, walking trails and an outdoor deck.

3. Grand Canyon Lodge

Located at the peaceful Northern Rim this place offers its tourists a hassle-free ambiance, a calm atmosphere. This place is least crowded in comparison to the other hotels and offers pleasant views of the Canyon. It is also a National Historic Landmark and hosts the visitors in budget-friendly motel rooms or private cabins. The individual booths are capacious that can hold up to 6 people. These rooms have picturesque vistas and amenities such as coffee makers, mini refrigerators, and baths.

Confined within stone walls and high ceilings is a well-decorated dining room that serves its diners with three buffet meals a day. You may choose to venture for a hiking experience to the nearby hills either with a package by the hotels or on your own. The lodging also arranges mule rides that will take you down the canyons. A stay at this place will help you escape the Canyon rush.

Grand Canyon Tours

The Grand Canyon is situated in Arizona’s northwestern region and attracts millions of tourists all around the year. The canyon hosts many adventure sports and each part offers unique features to the visitors. Most of the people that visit the Canyon do so for fun experiences and blood gushing adventures. This is precisely what various regions in the Canyon feature. There are some rare and renowned touring spots on the site. After a lot of discussions, this site is now regarded as a world heritage site by UNESCO. The tours cater to many interests and extend up to 7 days.

Grand Canyon Skywalk


Imagine standing 70 feet front of the Canyon Rim on a glass platform. You dare to glance down due to curiosity, and you can see nothing but feel only the air driving your gaze down 2000 mile to the bottom of the Canyon. This can convert your imagination to reality. It can come true due to horseshoe-shaped Skywalk at the Grand Canyon.

To experience this thrill, you can tag along with various packages. One of these is the Legacy Gold Package, and a ticket would cost an adult visitor $82.37 and $62.09 per child between the ages of 3-11. This package also includes the Hualapai Tribal Lands, a meal at the choice of your viewpoint, shuttle facilities and photo opportunities. Personal cameras or phones are not allowed and must be kept in the locker provided. However, you can choose to buy a camera from the gift shop, and we suggest you do as this is a once in a lifetime opportunity unless you want to thrill your eyes to the wonder a lot many more times.

Grand Canyon North Rim


This feature of the Grand Canyon is somewhat a hidden gem and makes its visitors feel calm, as though the place belongs to them. However, it isn’t open all around the year like the South Rim but its open only from mid-May to October. This is the season to visit the Northern Rim as the visitors can experience a whitewash from the snowfall and during these months. The only lodging facility opened during these months is the Grand Lodge at the Bright Angel Point. Make sure you make your reservations 13 months in advance.

This Rim offers the people who take the challenge of visiting it an enjoyable camping experience.

Grand Canyon Camping


The site is located at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and is rustic. It hosts lesser visitors in comparison to the Southern Rim as it is not easily accessible. Nonetheless, it is home to an abundance of wildlife. This facility can only be accessed 8200 feet at an elevation having pleasant summers and harsh winters. Although this place doesn’t offer a view of the Colorado River, the visitors sneak through various ancient rocks of archaeological advantage. These rocks are creations from billions of years ago.

To reach the camping ground one will have to hike all the way through the trails. One will find picnic tables and fire rings alongside grillers and barbeques. Payphones, showers, and laundry facilities are also available here.

Grand Canyon South Rim


For all the travel freaks and adventure fanatic, the Southern Rim of the Canyon is the place to visit. It holds the Grand Canyon National Park and is famous and recognizable hiking as well as sightseeing region along the Canyon. It is the most active and developed area that is opened all year long. At the center, one will find restaurants, information centers, gift shops and hotels. Surrounding the facilities, visitors will discover dense, vast forest covers.

You may want to begin by discovering the museums in the area and stumble into an IMAX theatre, where you get to learn about the Canyon’s history. Additionally, some of the most heartwarming tours can be experienced. Go on the South Rim Airplane tour to get a glance of the Canyons panoramic view. You can see the fantastic gorges and well-carved formations as well as an aesthetic aspect of the Colorado River. All this starting at just $124. Choose the Canyon’s smooth water bus trip to float along the Colorado River and sight old walls while rafting 15.5 miles. This starting at $199.

Walking or hiking along the coastal rims makes for a great sightseeing experience also a boost to your lungs with fresh air and mind with absolute peace. Thus, the southern Rim is the most visited region in the Grand Canyon. Hikers will find multiple lookout points like Mather and Yaki as well as historical buildings.

Make the perfect family outdoor vacation to the Southern Rim of the Grand Canyon. Also, venture into physical activities that leave you wanting for more and force you to pay a visit again.

Grand Canyon National park


The Grand Canyon National Park is one of the main attractions of the region and receives a year-long flock of tourists. It offers many adventure sports and thrilling experiences such as rim to rim hiking, kayaking, whitewater rafting and animal rides. The wonder encompasses river tributaries, canyons, and warm floors. Moreover, the park is a place of touring for the Pre-Schoolers and also offers training and service programs for the college students.

To reach the site, you must pay an admission fee per vehicle or bicycle or on foot. This fee is valid for seven consecutive days. However, the most accessible section of the national park is at 7000 feet above sea level of the Southern Rim. Here the visitors can stop and admire the splendid views of the canyon.

Camping in the park is on first come first serve basis as well as prior reservations. Also, reserve your mule trips well in advance with your lodges or hotels. The visitors usually choose the two day trip to the floor of the Canyon and mostly does not have restrictions. Other things to do here are whitewater rafting on the rapid waves of the Colorado River, day-long hikes as well as a helicopter or hot air balloon tours for a bird’s eye view of the Canyon.

Additionally, the region contains an abundance of flora and fauna. Over 500 species of animals, six types of rattlesnakes and a variety of birds and plants are found here. It also consists of the endangered California Condor a range of insects, bats, and arachnids.

Vehicle Permit- $35

Motorcycle permit- $ 30

On foot Individual permit- $ 20/ person

5 Grand Canyon Facts:

  • The largest hotel suite in the world is located under the Canyons Cavners
  • The Colorado River that is said to be the cause of the Canyon was initially known as the Grand River.
  • It is about 445 km long which would take four days to cover one end to another.
  • The floor of the Canyon contains fossils of over 20 species of reptiles and amphibians.
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