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November 29, 2023


  • June 17, 2018
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Genting Highlands is a resort or a hotel town, if you want are curious to know it’s literal definition, this is what Genting Highlands really is. It is also known as the city of entertainment. People often say that fun never stops in Genting Highlands, it is one of the most elaborate and interesting places to visit. Genting highland sits proudly on an 1800 meter altitude, making the atmosphere or microclimate of this place a bit cooler and breezy than surrounding areas. Genting Highland is located on the peak of Gunung Ulu Kali at 1800 meters high.

It is geographically near the border of Selangor. The beautiful and relaxing destination is just an hour’s drive away from Kuala Lumpur, the distance is 35 kilometers. Genting Highlands is a very popular weekend getaway from the burning city heat. The city heat is caused due to a phenomenon called ‘urban heat island’ which corresponds to higher temperature values than the surroundings. Going to Genting Highlands is a perfect way to beat the heat in summers.

Facts about Genting Highlands

Since 1971, Genting Highlands is the only legal gambling area in Malaysia. It is like Malaysia’s own little Las Vegas located on a mountain. The casinos are central to Genting Highlands. There are the parks that provide fun rides for children and adults as well.

The overall look of Genting Highlands is very colorful like a rainbow just exploded all over the place. It is a beautiful sight to look at.

Genting Highlands was founded by Lim Goh Tong; his journey was not easy. He went from a vegetable farmer to a hotel owner. When Genting Highlands was first made it was just a simple hotel with a casino, but now it is a modern holiday destination with theme parks, numerous hotels, large roads, and a cable car system.

First World Hotel and Plaza

First World Hotel and Plaza is a three-star hotel in Genting Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia. This hotel has 7,351 rooms, it is the largest hotel in the world, and this is the reason why this hotel is so famous. The First World Hotel has also won the title of the largest hotel by the Guinness World Records.

Infrastructural features: First World Hotel consists of two towers, tower 1 and tower 2 with 3,164 standard rooms, 292 deluxe rooms, 649 deluxe triple rooms, 480 superior deluxe rooms and 136 world club rooms. It is basically managed by two companies First World Hotel and Resorts Sdn Bhd, these are the two main companies that operate at Resorts World Genting. In 2015, First world hotel erected another tower named Tower 2 Annex which has altogether 1,286 room including new deluxe and tripe deluxe triple rooms.

The first world hotel also has E-kiosks or express check in and check out kiosks.

Features and attractions

First world hotel has amazing attractions and experiences waiting to surprise the customers with just one look. The hotel has features including SkyAvenue, a lifestyle mall with a large number of retail and food and beverage outlets for visitors.

  • A breathtaking lush green tropical rainforest stands proudly at the main entrance.
  • All the rooms are modern, practical and the interior design of the rooms is comfortable.
  • Everything is system generated, and the management works very well as far as the size of the hotel is considered.
  • This hotel is the most affordable out of all the resorts in Genting Highlands, even though it is a very vast hotel, the service is top-notch.
  • The website not only provides pictures of the rooms but it also shows the room plans, this enables complete transparency between the customers and the hotel management.

First World Plaza

First World Plaza is a shopping center located below the First World Hotel. The plaza contains the hotel lobby for the first world hotel. There are many attractions present at the First World Plaza such as bowling center, cineplex, a warm indoor swimming pool known as ‘water splash,’ Genting international convention center, haunted adventure. The first world plaza also consists of Ripley’s believe it or not! museum.

Attractions of the First World Plaza

The first world plaza is present just one floor above the lobby level of First World Hotel. The management and their team say that this is the best place to shop, dine, stay and play! You can experience gastronomic delights at great cafes and new restaurants.

There are many attractions at the First World Plaza, that can allure you to come back again and again. At Genting Highlands, every day comes with something new, a new experience, a new taste!

These are the attractions that are currently present at the plaza-

Genting Bowl

  • You can have all the fun you want at the Genting Bowl. If you want to get an adrenaline rush, all you need to do is buy a ticket! Genting bowl provides a pulse-pounding, mind-blowing, heart-thumping experience to all its visitors. There are 28 lanes here, so there is pretty much a good space to accommodate a lot of people. You get the best value of your money completely.
  • RatesAfter 6pmMonday – Friday-RM7.00 Saturday, Sunday, School Holiday & Public Holiday-RM9.00
  • Before 6pmMonday – Friday-RM6.00 Saturday, Sunday, School Holiday & Public Holiday-RM8.00
  • Operation Hours: Monday – Friday12.00 pm – 12.00 midnight
  • Saturday, Sunday, Malaysia School Holidays & Public Holidays – 10.00 am – 12.00 midnight.


SeniKome Péng Hēng

If you are an art lover, this is the place you can ease your mind and relax. It is located on level 4 in First World Plaza, right across Food Factory. The gallery includes experimental areas which allow you to have a go at a variety of traditional games. SeniKome Péng Hēng is open daily from 9.00am – 9.30pm. Seni Kome translates to “Our Art” in the Pahang local dialect corresponds to promoting the beauty of East Coast Malaysia’s local craft, fashion, games, food, and music. You can see a good number of artworks there; the great thing is that this area is created so that the visitors can appreciate and get to know about the traditional arts.

This shows that at Genting Highlands you don’t only get modernized rooms and experience, but you also get a touch of traditionalism. From authentic artifacts and paintings to an orang asli exhibition, SeniKome Péng Hēng beautifully depicts the charm and importance of Péng Hēng. Péng Hēng is a traditional reference to Pahang province of Malaysia.


Snow World

As the name suggests, this is the world of ice, snow, and glitter. You can experience the freezing cold environment even on a hot June afternoon. This place has certain attractions that you can’t miss like the winter downtown, warm house, etc. These are selfie approved! It is located on Level 2, First World Plaza. The temperature is -6°. The area is 22.8k sq ft, and it is the biggest winter wonderland in Malaysia.


First World Indoor Theme Park

The First World Indoor Theme Park is also known as the world of laughter and revelry. It has four levels; it also consists of a shopping complex within the first world complex. The First World Indoor Theme Park has six theme areas:

  • France (Champs Elysees)
  • England
  • Italy (Venice)
  • America (Times Square & Universal Walk)
  • Switzerland (Swiss Alps)
  • Malaysia (Genting Walk)

This theme park has many rides, most of these rides are for small children. This place has some overhead rides and some ground rides. The overhead rides are Euro ExpressReindeer CruiserRio Float, and Monorail; The on-ground rides are Venice GondolaTour de ParisFerris Wheel, and Carousel.

Ticket Price

One-Day Unlimited Ride Pass + EZiCash 10 credits:

Normal Price: Adult/Teen/Senior Citizen: RM32.50, Child: RM34.80

Genting Rewards Privileges: Adult/Teen/Senior Citizen: RM32.50, Child: RM31.30

Pay-Per-Ride Pass:

You can purchase the Pay-Per-Ride Pass at RM9.30 per ride.

Operating Hours

Monday – Friday: 10.00am – 12 midnight.

Saturday, Sunday, School holidays and public holidays & eve of the public holiday: 9.00am – 12.00 midnight.


  • You can go on their official website 
  • All you need to do is click on the check availability option and type in the date and number of rooms you need.
  • You can also go on travel sites and search different rates and chose the best one from a trusted site, some of the sites you can check out are trivago and
  • Prices start from $23.33 for a standard room.
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