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November 29, 2023
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Getting Around in New York

  • March 4, 2017
  • 4 min read

If you are a tourist visiting New York City, one of the best ways to experience the city is by experiencing its public transportation system. New York City is known all over the world for its efficient and expansive public transportation system. Even if you decided not to rent a car, it would be easy for you to get to wherever you wish to go in New York City using its public transportation system.

In fact, New York City probably has the most efficient public transport system in the world. It has a vast network of subway trains, buses and tramways. The islands that make up New York City are connected by the ferry services, bridges and tunnel systems. And then there is the yellow taxi that is probably one of the icons of New York City, and it is estimated that there are around twelve thousand of them in operation. If you would like to bike around New York City, you will find that the roads of New York City are also friendly to bikers and pedestrians.

It is a testament to the efficiency of the public transport system in New York City that most of its inhabitants prefer to use it rather than drive their own cars. Surveys have shown that more than 50 percent of the households in New York City do not own a single car and rely more on the public transportation system to get them around wherever they want to go to in the city. It is the only major city in the United States where the inhabitants do not consider owning a car a necessity. In the rest of the United States, it is imperative for an ordinary household to have at least two cars parked in the driveway.

But if you are a tourist who is more interested in getting around the city rather than getting lost in the subway, it is still possible for you to rent a car and drive around. Take note, however, that the roadways of New York City are also some of the busiest in the entire world. If you would like to experience how it is to drive around the city, you may want to take note of a few driving tips that will help you get around the thoroughfares of New York City. Below are some of them.


Drinking and driving do not mix

    • . You are free to get a glass of Cosmopolitan from any of the bars dotting Manhattan, but make sure that when you go out to have a drink, you have no intention of driving back home. The laws concerning driving under the influence of alcohol is more stringent in New York City, so if you get caught, your car may be confiscated whether you own it or have just rented it.

Do not make a right turn on red. In New York City, it is against traffic rules and regulations to make a right turn where there is a red light after making a full stop.

Avoid gridlocks. Make sure that when you are going through an intersection, you will be able to breeze through it before the traffic light turns red on your lane. If you cause a gridlock, you will be fined.

Avoid unnecessary honking. Not only is unnecessary honking rude, especially when you are passing a residential area, but if you get caught at it, you may have to cough up $100 for your fine.

Open your windows at your peril. If you are waiting for a red light to turn green and someone approaches your car either to beg for money, to sell some stuff or to clean your windows, just ignore them. Never open your car windows to strangers in New York City.

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