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Wine, regarded as one of the most divine and classy drinks of the ages. Its creation dates back to age-old civilizations. Wine-making and production are said to have begun first by the Egyptians, then by the Greeks and finally certified by the Romans. The mythological Greek God Dionysus is regarded as the God of wine and party. Thus, by this, it is well established that wine has been the drink of entertainment and joy.

Owing to its cultural significance, this drink gained a lot of popularity. To this day wine has a high export versatility, and many of the countries earn their dominance just by exporting and producing wine on a large scale. It became a business for many dynasties, and Ohio gained the reputation of being the pioneer in wine cultivation.

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Wine is produced in almost every country in the world. There are the ancient producers of wine known as Old World and the young producers with modern techniques are known as New World. Each country and region has their method and uniqueness in the making. This drink remains a little overwhelming as well as terrifying.  Also, owing to the varied soil type and climatic conditions, many types have come into existence.

Variations in Grape Wines

Today, winemaking has become a global industry with an increasing number of takers for wine and mass production catering to the demands. With a growing variety and brands, you remain confused about where to start? Which one would please your palate? We have listed the types to dilute your confusion.


  • Red-  Made from blue and purple colour grapes, they consist of a little bit more tannin. Made by constant contact of the inside juice and the skin of the grapes, this drink offers a refreshing taste. Usually, these wines also have lighter coloured profiles. Additionally, they are varying in the taste from bitter to sweet. Most of the famous brands vary from Burgundy and Bordeaux.
  • White- This category includes Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, and Riesling. They tend to concentrate on the acidity of the drink and the freshness of the flavours. White wine varies from sweet to dry and fruity as well as floral. It exists as creamy on the nose and palate.
  • Rose- They are made from red grapes with a tiny exposure of the grape skin during the production. They remain a specialty during the summer seasons and have seen a lot of rebranding famous. From a syrupy blush rose to slight dry styles, adopted by France and Spain.
  • Sparkling- These are popular during any celebratory occasions and often supplement Champagne. They differ from white, red and rose in colouration. This type is made from red and white grapes. The bubbles develop during the 2nd level of fermentation capturing carbon-dioxide under high pressure. The tastes are diverse from dry to bubbly or slightly fizzy and tones from floral to buttery.
  • Fortified – These types of wine are made from still wine with a small blend of alcohol in it. It consists of 17-20% alcohol volumes. Popular ones are Port, Marsala, and Sherry. This wine mingles with your dinners the best, and this is why it is famous for regular consumption.
  • Dessert- Made from red and white grapes, it has high levels of sugar and hence is the sweetest kind. Many people consume this drink as a dessert after or along with a meal thus known as a dessert wine. It is delicious yet light and leaves the one that devours it happy.

5 Best Wine Shops and Stores

The Italians say that “a meal without wine is like a day without sunshine.” This holds true for many cultures as it remains an essential part of their meal. Moreover, its production has expanded from the Mediterranean regions to almost every continent.  Each of these continents has dedicated a particular city or region to the making and production. Hence, these cities have some specialty shops and stores devoted to the selling of some of the best quality wine.

1. Nicolas Wine Shops, France

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The store resides in the Heart of France and may well be credited for some of France's fame. They began in a small home in 1822 as wine experts and grew into sellers, makers and exporters. Adhering to their motto, they believe in making quality wine accessible just at your doorstep. Moreover, at their stores, you'll find superior quality at affordable prices. The staff surely knows their brands and varieties and will help you pick drinks that suit your preferences.

To enhance the service they wish to deliver to their customers, they indulge in merchant training. They believe in training not just their staff but also trains its wine merchants for over 5 weeks. Thus, helping to induce each merchant with the nack of managing a store.

Nicolas has always received credit for being the first to test and range into a variety of new and innovative flavours and textures. Furthermore, they started indulging in-home delivery services as a young brand and have concentrated on this feature for a long time. This is one area that has helped Nicolas to expand and grow in the manner it continues to.

2. Lavinia, Madrid, Spain

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Are you looking for a new bottle to gift when in Spain? Lavinia is the place to pick. Just name your favourite and they have it sorted. Their specialty is the oaked smokey red wine.

Located in Madrid Lavinia is a classy wonderland of many wine brands and varieties. The location adds to its repute and gathers a flock of some of the high net worth individuals who also visit the street to make purchases with top brands like Chanel, Dolce Gabbana and Louis Vuitton. Owing to their delightful service and knowledgeable staff people can describe their flavour profiles and the staff recognizes what they exactly require. This place surely is like a dream for the wine enthusiasts. Additionally, they have machines that provide an impeccable experience of wine tasting. Gathering the best experts and welcoming atmosphere this store is a must visit for the tourists of Spain.

3. VIU Manent, Chile

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The store and winery remained consistent and pushed boundaries to provide their customers and visitors with the most comfortable tasting and purchasing experience. Thus, the winery received the winery of the year 2017 award. VIU has also contributed to the wine industry by continuously innovating and developing their store and its aura. Most of the credit goes to the staff and the mastermind behind this store Joes Miguel VIU.

They distribute to over 50 countries and hence, have evolved to provide many inciteful wine tours and tastings as well. VIU has also started indulging in research for the growth of the industry. The winery stands as one of the Pillars of the wine producing, making and selling sector and look at constantly improving the customer's experience and the winemaking process on the whole. The store is dedicated and committed and remains enthusiastic to deliver quality in all aspects.

4. Caroline's Fine Wine Cellar, Cape Town, South Africa

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Located at the centre of Cape Town Caroline's is a specialist store. The cellar has an experience of over 30 years and offers a variety of wine brands under one roof. You will find the best and the most reputed brands such as Bordeaux, Burgundian, Italian and Spanish wines. The repute comes from two stores owned and run by Caroline Rillema having 38 years of winery experience.  These stores also contain some of the most costly beverages that offer a variety for varied tastes.

Additionally, the cozy store delights its customers with some of the most unique drinks. The serves and attendees help you choose your wine wisely and treat you with royalty. Thus, their service is surely like a cherry on the top of a cake. Include this store in your places to visit if wine excites you.

5. Black Hearts and Sparrows, Melbourne, Australia

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Initially, this shop was established with the notion that good wine is most expensive and most of the stores usually earn only when their staff pretends or intimidate the customers. The store is run by Paul and Jessica Ghaie who having opposing ideologies on the first statement. They aim at presenting the world of wine in a very new and modern way. Moreover, all of their seven stores create warm and welcoming vibes. Also, guiding you into the wines you must try and induces in you the knowledge of winemaking. Feel free to ask them a question regarding your the choice of your drink.

The shop stores and sources only the best quality brands and ensure their customers are satisfied with what they buy. They don't hesitate to give you advice on your choices and also let you taste a few. The team also tries each of the arrivals before they decide to keep them on their shelves. Thus, you as a customer will receive only what is approved by their most experienced testers. Also, they host numerous wine tasting events and tours.

5 Best tasting and tours around the world

The process of winemaking is fun and entertaining. Moreover, the green-lands of the vineyards are delightful and tend to gather the attention of the masses. Thus many production companies and winemakers came up with the concept of wine tours and tasting.

1. Hunter Valley, Australia-

Hunter Valley This is a family-owned winery. This winery is an award-winning one and produces locally cultivated wine. It is just a 2-hour escape north of Sydney. The Hunter Valley Semillon produces some of the best ones in the world, having a rich heritage and innovative methods. This has more cellar doors than any other winery in Australia and hence helps you discover the best experience. From the newer varieties to the classic wineries, it will dazzle you. You may choose to visit the wineries directly or with a tour package.

Moreover, enjoy a top view of these wineries hops into a hot air balloon. The highlight is the annual Hunter Valley wine food festival in May and June that celebrates the produce. This winery is the perfect weekend getaway and will surely suit your budget. It hosts vineyard cottages, retreats, massive resorts and caravan parks. You can also choose to play golf at the nearby course. Additionally, you can meet and visit the big cats and the meerkats at the Hunter Valley Gardens in Pokolbin. Thus explore many such heritages and exotic ventures.

2. Napa and Sonoma, California-

 A Full day drive from San Francisco will lead you to the regions of Napa and Sonoma wine country once you cross the Golden Bridge. These include both family run and famous corporate estates. Moreover, learn about the winemaking process by visiting the barrel rooms and yards. You will also devour the regions charming culture at Sonoma Square Plaza. The visitors will learn about the history from the early Spanish bring the drink to Europe and served wine in their saloons.

You may choose a guided tour which portrays the history of winemaking. The tourists will be taking to 3-4 wineries. Also, enjoy a unique transport experience with wifi and inbuilt restrooms. This tour includes a tasting of all the many wines. Thus, quenching your thirst with taste. Sip and swirl the wine one of the most famous producing wineries.

3. Route des Vins, Alsace France-

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It is a shared tour, and hence the transport comes in the form of a mini-bus with a guide. You will share the tour with eight other tourists and experience winetastings at Tavel and Chateauneuf Du Pape vineyards. The tourists will also get to walk along on a tour in Avignon having a famous point d' Avignon which is considered a UNESCO world heritage site.

This shared tour balances classic French wines and its cultural background. The tour is a full day on in the open vineyards of the Rhone Valley. Also, you will test your pallet with the finest wines of the regions. Moreover, enjoy a tour of Avignon and discover the Popes palace and other monuments.

4. Tuscany, Italy-

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The Etruscans resided here and made this a famous place for wine tours thus gathering a large number of tourists all around the year. Tuscany is established by many civilizations that left their distinctive marks. Christians and Aristocrats often regard this place as a completion of their European tours. Every visitors has loved and cherished the local form of living that indulges in the production of classic Tuscan wine.

The wine served from this region is unique and offers a particularly unique taste. If you admire winemaking and are an enthusiastic wine taster then visit the Giddons winery and countryside tours. They will happily take you on the scenic journey and make you taste some insane wine flavours. These countryside tours offer you the services from Florance. Modify the route according to your taste and preferences. They also focus the trip only on wine if you demand a full vineyard and wine-tasting tour.

5. Rioja, Spain-

Rioja Spain Rioja in Spanish means wine. The region extends hectors far and incorporates three communities La Rioja, Basque Country and Navarre. The long traditions and rich cultural heritage of Rioja bring to it the fame of being one of the oldest and best-produced wine in Spain. You can choose to take up the one-day private tour or also a group one. Depending on your choice the rates may vary. Additionally, provision for overnight stays is also provided.

Ribera Del Duero and Rioja organize the private tour. It is categorized into two, out of which one comes with hotel accommodation. The perfect package for people from Madrid and a balanced tour for red wine lovers. This tour includes a professional and experienced guide. Take the tour in a minivan to at least five wineries. Moreover, enjoy 2 magnificent lunches and two room accommodation with complimentary breakfast as well. This wine tasting and tour experience will leave you wanting for more.


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