Statue of Liberty (Ellis Island) Tickets, Ferry Price, Tours, Trips, Hours

Statue of Liberty (Ellis Island)

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Whenever we think of visiting New York, what comes first to human mind is Statue of Liberty. A symbol of freedom, this statue is one of the biggest and most visited tourist's destinations in the whole world.

Ellis Island Ferry

We have stitched together all the requisite details – how to book, where to get my tickets, the ferry route, timing and all the rest of it.

The very famous Statue of Liberty monument is situated on Ellis Island, in Upper New York Bay. Most of the part of the island is located in New Jersey, with a small section that is part of New York City. Ellis Island is immigration station in The United States of America. It is also called an “Island of Hope” – the first stop to new opportunities and experiences in America. And for others, it is the “Island of Tears” – a place where families were separated and individuals were denied entry into the United States. The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island represent centuries of American history, no New York visit is complete without an official welcome from the Lady Liberty. It is a symbol of America's and New York's most notable cultural experience.

NJ wants Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island on new state quarter

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit this ancient monument is on a bright sunny day. The plus point to this is New York's weather,  where the sun shines brightly in all four seasons of the year.

Tickets to the Tour

We highly recommend buying tickets online to enjoy the hassle-free journey without getting engaged in lines. We only prefer purchasing authorized tickets as there are many aggressive and unauthorized ticket sellers who will try to sell tickets to the Statue of Liberty near Battery Park at highly increased prices, they often scam people with their tricks.

The Liberty Island and Ellis Island are part of the National Park Service and are therefore free to enter but one needs to take this tour through ferry service, which costs a minimal fee. Ferries provide transportation to both Ellis Island as well as Liberty Island which is the site of the Statue of Liberty. One ferry ticket is enough to provide access to both islands.

Ferry Prices

There are three types of ticket choices to choose from for visiting the Statue of Liberty, depending upon your preference:

  • Reserve Ticket for $18 – This ticket includes the ferry rides to Liberty Island and Ellis Island as well as access to the immigration museum on Ellis Island. One can walk around the grounds of the Statue of Liberty and get excellent photo opportunities but with this ticket, one doesn't get access to go inside the statue.
  • Reserve Ticket with Pedestal Access for $18 – This ticket, also, provides access to go inside the Statue of Liberty up to the top of the pedestal. The cost is the same as for both. Hence this option is more preferable.
  • Reserve Ticket with Crown Access for $21 – This is the most highly priced ticket one can get because it provides access to ascend the Statue of Liberty all the way into the crown. As the name suggests, one can reach up to the height of the crown via this ticket.Image result for statue of liberty and ellis island

Ferry Routes

When one buy tickets to visit the Statue of Liberty, they are offered with two departure points:

  • From New Jersey also called as Liberty State Park.Image result for statue of liberty and ellis island
  • From New York's Battery Park'

The ferries run to a schedule and basically run in a loop. These follow the below-mentioned route:

  • Battery Park – Liberty Island – Ellis Island – Battery Park.
  • Liberty State Park – Liberty Island – Ellis Island – Liberty State Park.

Duration of the Tour

Cruises can be as short as an hour, one can book some of the best Statue of Liberty boat tours in the evening, with a three-hour dinner cruise along the waterways. Seeing New York City’s lights and the Statue of Liberty at night is pretty majestic, one cannot miss this sight. Alternatively, one can easily see both Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty in one 3-hour tour. However, if a tourist plans his/her visit during peak season, extra time is added for security checks and ferry queues, which can add an extra 90 minutes per ferry ride in peak season (April to September).

Ferry Timings

  • The first ferry starts at 8:30 a.m., both from Battery Park and Liberty State Park and these run until around 5:45 p.m. during peak season and till 5:00 p.m. during low season.
  • However, those later timings are for The last ferry out to Liberty Island leaves at 4:00 p.m. (peak season) and 3:30 p.m. (low season).

I hope you have a great time visiting Statue of Liberty.

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