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The Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House in the north east of the city is one of Sydney's most beautiful and quaint buildings. Its sail shaped structure is world famous. Designed at the vast scale of the harbour itself, its low edges express visual appeal for human interest. The roof is more important than the walls, thus the language…

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Bear Attack

How to stay safe in bear country   Many people like to enjoy nature closely, by hiking in backcountry and mountainsides. But when you are in bear country, you should be careful and prepared. Bear Safety Tips:   Make lots of noise. Especially important when you are on a trail with restricted visibility, as well as those times when…

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Boston Children’s Museum

The Boston’s Children’s Museum, located at 300 Congress Street, dates back to 1913 when it was created by a small group of teachers to encourage the growth of the minds of children. The museum is a fascinating medley of hands-on activities, visual delights, and educational exhibits that enthralls children of all ages. Topics range from…

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Boston Events

So many events occur in Boston throughout the year that it is possible to coordinate a visit to this cultural city just in time to experience one or more of them. From one-day events to weeklong festivals, the offerings are many and varied. First Night Boston, occurring every New Year’s Eve, begins in the early afternoon…

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