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October 3, 2023
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Boston Tours

  • March 4, 2017
  • 3 min read

Various locations in Boston provide a number of sightseeing tours including self-guided, boat, bus, trolley, and walking tours. No matter which type of tour you select, the sightseeing is much easier with a tour that points out the major points of interest for you.

Boston Harbor Cruises provides several sightseeing cruises throughout the summer for visitors who enjoy the water. Visitors can pick up the tours that take you to the Boston Harbor Islands as well as Boston Harbor at Long Wharf.

The Gray Line offers bus and trolley tours of Boston. Additionally, one can pick up a Gray Line tour for Cambridge, Concord, Plymouth, Lexington, Cape Cod, and Salem.

The Freedom Trail self-guided tour takes visitors along the Freedom Trail and twenty-three different historical Boston sites. Currently, the tour also offers the option to rent a digital audio tour.

The Boston Women’s Heritage Trail self-guided tour showcases three centuries worth of women’s contributions to the Boston area. Major points of interest along this tour include such highlights as Harriet Tubman Square. Located at W. Newton Street and Columbus Avenue, the square includes a monument crafted to honor Harriet Tubman, the African American abolitionist. Additionally, visitors to the square will find a sculpture dedicated to honoring emancipation. This sculpture bears the name, Emancipation.

Another of the featured sites on this tour is the Boston Ballet Company. Founded in 1963, by E. Virginia Williams, this building is located on Clarendon Street.

Guided walking tours are another popular way to see the city of Boston. The types of tours and their starting points vary. Moreover, not all of the tours are offered all year long.

Leaving from the steps of the State House, the Beacon Hill Tour operates seven days a week. Weekday tours typically start in the evening, but the hours vary, so call ahead

The Black Heritage Trail can be toured on foot. This tour actually has three different areas that one can pick up the tour- the National Park Service Visitor Center, the Museum of Afro-American History, or the Freedom Trail Information Booth.

Between the months of May and October a variety of walking tours are provided through the company, Boston by Foot. All of the tours with the exception of the specially designed children’s tour are an hour and a half long in duration. This tour has a motto of sorts that is similar to the United States Post Office- inclement weather will not delay or prevent the tour from happening. One of the more interesting and different type of tours offered here is the Boston Underground tour.

Whether you decide to tour Boston under your own steam or from the luxury of a seat upon a bus or boat, take your camera. Boston is full of historical sights that are unique to its location. Use your sightseeing experience as an opportunity to photograph some of the remnants remaining of the city’s past.


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