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November 29, 2023
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Boston Restaurants

  • March 4, 2017
  • 3 min read
Boston Restaurants

Boston is a wonderful city filled with lots of excellent restaurants offering mouth-watering dishes to satisfy your hunger. It’s possible to sample cuisine from seafood to Italian pastas to flavorful Mediterranean dishes to delicate pastries at a different restaurant every day of the week.

A veritable goldmine of eateries can be found throughout the historic North End section of the city. The Catalina Italiana, perhaps one of the oldest existing restaurants in the area, provides a fine menu of authentic Italian dishes that feature risotto, gnocchi, parmigiana, and caprese.

The Daily Catch is a tiny restaurant with a big flavor. Here you will find a number of fresh seafood dishes prepared in true Sicilian style. Unfortunately, if you encounter this restaurant during peak hours, you will most likely need to stand in line since only ten tables are available for patrons.

Housed in a building dating back to 1820 and located in the North End, as well, Mamma Maria offers a medley of upscale dishes, primarily focusing in Italian cuisine. Culinary delights offered up in this eatery include grilled seafood, roasted meats, and cold antipasto.

If dessert is your weakness, then you will want to visit Finale where the main draw is indeed the desserts, including crème brûlèe and specialty cakes. Dinner is also served, but the choices are not quite as varied or as elegant as the desserts. In fact, Finale is such a popular restaurant, that two of them exist, one in Cambridge and one near Boston Commons.

Metropolis Café, located in the South End, offers New American dishes with a decidedly Mediterranean flavor. Seafood dishes including scallops, crab, and cod are only some of the highlights of dining pleasure to be had at this restaurant that is known for providing the freshest seasonal ingredients.

Also, in the South End, hungry visitors can enjoy an intriguing dining adventure at Sibling Rivalry where grilled lamb and rosemary-laced mussels are only some of the offerings. The chefs are brothers Bob and David Kinkead.

The original restaurant bearing the name Olives is still located in Boston. The food featured in this restaurant makes such a hit with the customers that it has spread from one end of the country to the other. Dishes lean toward organic produce, pasta, and seasonal selections from the sea.

Boston is a town full of intriguing places to visit and enticing culinary delights to taste. No matter where it is you stop to eat, at some point remember to sample the seafood offered in one of the eateries in Boston since it is bound to be fresh.


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