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October 4, 2023

Boston Children’s Museum

  • March 4, 2017
  • 3 min read

The Boston’s Children’s Museum, located at 300 Congress Street, dates back to 1913 when it was created by a small group of teachers to encourage the growth of the minds of children. The museum is a fascinating medley of hands-on activities, visual delights, and educational exhibits that enthralls children of all ages. Topics range from science to health to fitness to culture to environmental issues to the arts.

Close to the recently constructed Boston Convention & Exhibition Center and located in the Waterfront District, the museum provides hours of fun as children get to visit Arthur’s World and watch themselves on TV at the same time.

The New Balance Climb features towers and tubes that challenge a child’s sense of balance, sense of daring, and sense of adventure.

KidStage features a live theatrical performance that the children can join, getting their feet wet with a little acting debut of their own.

The Art Studio is open to artists of all ages. It is an exciting place with lots of activity including the design of 3D creations, collage making, and printmaking.

The Japanese House offers an opportunity to explore an authentic 2-story home straight from Japan. Once owned by a silk merchant, this one hundred year old home is filled with bits and pieces of the customs, art, architecture, and life of a Japanese family. Don’t forget to take off your shoes before you step into this fully equipped reconstruction.

The Science Playground brings scientific inquiry to life as the children take the opportunity to observe, experiment, and discuss the world as it is presented in this area. In addition to the hands on activities, some of nature’s collections are present for viewing and demonstrations are offered on a daily basis.

Boston Black provides an insightful look at the significant history of the Black community in Boston. Although hands on activities are again one of the primary focuses here, so too are educational displays.

Playspace is designed for the little ones between infancy and the age of three. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to participate, especially since they are required to attend.

Johnny’s Workbench is a terrific spot to take an inquisitive child. This is the place where toasters come apart and no one sighs about it! Hand tools, simple materials, and aprons complete this adventure for the clever child.

The Common is for the active child who likes to keep moving and explore while having fun. From old favorites to games with a new twist, this location is a bevy of activity that includes anything and everything from musical chairs to shadow games.

Boats Afloat not only offers the opportunity to sail a boat or float a barge, but also, it allows children to control the current for that little bit of extra zing.

The Global Gallery offers 2,500±SF of space dedicated to showcasing outstanding displays from around the world created with children in mind. The exhibits change throughout the year, but they always provide something unique, educational, and exciting in tone.

The children have opportunities to use their sense of color to decorate and their eye for the unique to purchase creations crafted from recycled materials. The attractions change so you might need to visit more than once.

The museum is open daily from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm. with the exception of Friday when it remains open until 9:00 pm.

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