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September 27, 2023

A Woman Traveling Alone

  • March 4, 2017
  • 3 min read
A Woman Traveling Alone

It is tough to be a woman traveling alone. Not only do you have to deal with the usual hassle that a tourist has to face, like getting around the place, getting over the language barrier and all that, but women traveling are also vulnerable to being on the receiving end of unwanted attention, especially if she is traveling alone. This is particularly true in countries where women do not enjoy as much freedom as women in, say, the United States do.

Safety is a special concern for a woman traveling alone. A lot of enterprising people find a woman traveling alone to be an easy target for whatever heinous heist they may have in mind, so it is very important for her to take care of herself.

The first thing that a woman traveling alone should do is to secure her lodgings. As much as possible, her lodgings should be something she should not cut corners with. She should check in a reputable place and make sure that her room is not on the first floor, where many people come and go all too easily.

Another precaution that a woman traveling alone ought to take is to keep her room number to herself. Keeping her hotel room door locked at all times is also logical. She should never let anyone inside her hotel room without first identifying who that person is. When she is ordering room service, she should ask room service to call her when the waiter is coming up to her room with her order. While the waiter is laying out her food on the table, she should stay by the door.

Whenever she eats at one of the restaurants at the hotel she is staying in, a woman traveling alone should sign her bills with her initials instead of her full name. After signing these bills, she should give them directly to the server and should take care that no one else sees them. Whenever a stranger approaches her, she should feel free to say that she is busy and does not feel up to entertaining casual conversation with people she does not know. But if she feels inclined to it, she should be careful of the things she says to the person she is talking to. Never at any time should she reveal her itinerary for her trip. Also, a little white lie can also keep her safe.

If she is going out, a woman traveling alone should leave a note at the reception, notifying the hotel of her destination and the time she left. She should also check in regularly with someone at home. When she is going about the hotel, she should steer clear of the stairs and instead use the elevator; in this case, safety comes first before burning calories. Upon returning to the hotel after going out, she should not hesitate to ask the concierge to escort her to her room if she thinks she is being followed or spied upon.

Most of all, a woman traveling alone should wear sedate outfits and do her best to blend in. She should leave her provocative clothes at home, and she should not stash her cash and valuables in one place alone.

These safety precautions may seem paranoid, but it is better to be safe than sorry. A woman should have fun and peace of mind during her trip, even when she is traveling alone.


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