Traveling With Children

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Traveling With Children

By Anna Lynn Sibal

Children are lovable creatures. A lot of people find it very cheerful to have tots around, and their curiosity and liveliness can be very endearing.

In the confined space of an airplane, however, where even the faintest noise can cause the blood pressure of some passengers soaring, the liveliness and curiosity of children are not always welcome. A lot of airline travelers use the time they spend flying catching up on sleep. We all know that being woken up rudely by some sudden shrieking ruins moods and makes tempers run hot.

Traveling with children requires a high degree of responsibility from the parent or the adult companion. If you are going to have kids with you when you go on a flight, always remember that taking care of the kids with you is your concern, and not of the flight attendant. Therefore, you should anticipate whatever needs your kids may have during the flight.

When packing for your trip with the tots, pack the essential items of your kids with the carry-on luggage. Essential items include food and snacks, diapers and baby wipes. Always bring some extra diapers and other provisions in case your flight is delayed or your bags got misplaced.

Another thing you have to put in your carry-on bags are a few safe and lightweight toys. These will keep your kids occupied during the trip, instead of alleviating their boredom by irritating the other passengers. If you are bringing electronic games with you, however, make your kids wait until the plane is in cruising mode before you let them play with these games. These electronic toys may interfere with the navigation system of the plane.

Remember that your children are your responsibility. Keep the kids under strict control at all times. If the seatbelt sign is on, keep the kids seated with their seatbelts firmly fastened. If the seatbelt sign is off and they want to move around, let them walk, but keep a close watch on them. Make sure that your kids do not reach out for hot drinks and sharp objects or disturbing the other passengers.

Kids should be seated away from the aisle. The best place for a child to sit in the plane is between two adults, or between an adult and the window. Children seated along the aisle are likely to hurt themselves with falling objects or from reaching out for the flight attendant’s service trolley, and other such hazards.

Most of all, when traveling with children anticipate emergencies. Make yourself aware of the safety guidelines of your airline and if these guidelines are applicable to children. If the child has a medical problem, let the flight attendants know. If there is an emergency and oxygen masks are deployed, wear your mask first before the kids. Because you are the adult responsible for them, you need to keep your wits about you.

Traveling can be a great learning experience, even for little children. But when traveling with children, always be responsible for them and keep them under control.

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