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Traveling By Car Or Trailer

By Susan M. Keenan © 2007

Traveling by car or trailer can be an adventure in and of itself. So, why not start out that way in the first place? Okay, the main roads and highways are admittedly the fastest, but also, they are the most boring. Turnpikes and highways provide miles and miles of roadway that have nothing to offer but tons of traffic and a few rest stops interspersed along the way. No wonder the kids are always asking, ďAre we there yet?Ē

Instead of planning the quickest route to your destination, plan the most scenic route. Over 125 byways exist in America for your traveling pleasure. The byways, which are recognized for specific qualities that make them unique in their own special way, offer a fun and exciting adventure.

The qualities that lead to the inclusion of specific roads in the list of Americaís Byways include scenic, historic, cultural, recreational, natural, and archeological features. Each road provides a varied experience that can only make your journey more memorable.

The sights along many of these roads tell an interesting story. They allow travelers to have a glimpse of the past, a look into a different way of living, a taste of culture, a peek at archeological treasures, or a meandering gaze at the many wonders that Mother Nature has to offer.

The Federal Highway Administration takes the time to preserve these byways in a way that not only enhances their beauty and historical nature, but also, enhances our vacation by enhancing our journey. In a way, traveling the scenic byways is like visiting an open-air museum that extends for hundreds of miles. Itís an educational experience under the guise of an enjoyable outing.

Each byway offers its own series of awe-inspiring, individual moments that lead us on our path to our final destination. In fact, the journey heightens our anticipation of reaching our vacation hotspot by including sightseeing escapades along the way.

Americaís Byways are located in various states. Typically, travelers can reach many of the usual outdoor activities from these byways. Biking, horseback riding, hiking, and canoeing are only some of the fun that can be had along the way.

A variety of campsites provide a place to stop, rest, relax, and gear up for the next dayís journey. Perhaps youíll find yourself perched along a mountainside, gazing at an oceanside sunset, or chomping on oversized peaches from nearby farm fields. The location is yours to choose.

Each of these byways leans toward specific features, so one might be more scenic than another while that one might be more historic. Either way, itís an adventure waiting to happen.

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