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Summer Camp

Four Benefits Your Child Can Get Out of Summer Camp

By Anna Lynn Sibal

Every time summer comes, one question comes to parents' minds and that question is whether or not they should send their children to summer camp. A summer camp is a venue where children and teenagers can learn new skills, develop skills they already know, explore new surroundings, do things they may have never done before, as well as meet other kids with similar inclinations as theirs.

The idea of sending the kids to summer camp can be a daunting decision that parents may be hesitant to make. This especially applies if the children are still young and have not been away from home before. Still, there are benefits that children can get from attending summer camp, and parents should think seriously about these benefits when they make their decision to whether or not send their kids to summer camp.

What can your kids get out of attending summer camp? Here are the four most important benefits that can compel you to allow your children to spend their summer at camp.

1. Learn and improve skills. As mentioned above, summer camp is a great venue for kids to learn new skills and improve on skills that they already know. There are thousands of summer camps in the United States that offer different learning programs for kids, depending on their needs. Some camps focus on visual arts like painting while some focus on performance arts like music, theater and dance. There are also sports camps, camps for nature appreciation, tech camps, health camps and travel camps.

The kind of camp that is most suited to your children depends on what special needs or skills that your children have. These camps will present your children with opportunities to address these needs as well as activities designed to develop skills.

2. Learn how to be independent. A valuable lesson that your children can learn while they are at a summer camp is to learn how to be independent. At summer camp, your children have no one to rely upon but themselves. You will not be there to hold their hands and guide them every step of the way. While this idea may bring anxiety to you as a parent, this is a very important lesson that your children have to take.

Because you are not there to do the thinking for them, your children will be able to learn to make their own decisions and to stand by these decisions regardless of the consequences. They will also learn how to take healthy risks, which are valuable in the decision-making process.

3. Learn how to be interdependent. While your children are learning to rely upon themselves, they also learn to be cooperative and rely upon others. A lot of summer camps group their enrollees so that each group will have to stay together most of the time, do activities together and basically live together during those weeks at the camp. In this process, your children will learn how to get along with other people and to work with them in order to make the camping experience more fun and productive for everyone.

4. Develop confidence. Perhaps the biggest benefit that your children can get from spending a few weeks at a summer camp is that they get to develop their confidence even more. At camp, they get to face situations that they have never faced before, and they also get to interact with people they have never met before. These new experiences and how your children will react to them will teach your children to believe in themselves more and thus raise the level of their confidence.

A summer camp is a great venue for your children to learn new skills and to have new experiences away from home. You need to make sure that you choose the right summer camp for your children so that they can make the most out of the experience. However, you should not force your children to go to summer camp if they are not ready for it yet or simply do not want to go.

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