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Most Dangerous Hikes In The World

Hiking is very healthy and enjoyable way to move, to exercise. But not all hiking trails are created equal.

These are the most dangerous hikes in the world, unique and daring adrenaline rush inducing hikes.

El Caminito del Reyor "The King's Little Pathway", in Spain, with narrow pathways, majestic height, and sharp rocks below ...

Mount Hua, in China, is the perfect hiking trail for those who dream of hiking on old wood chained to the side of a mountain thousands of feet in the air.

Tennessee's Mount LeConte hiking trail ...

Machu Picchu offers beautiful sights, stunning flora, and mean steep hiking trails.

Angel's Landing in Utah is one of the narrowest hiking trails in the world. If you are afraid of heights just skip this incredibly sheer hiking trail.

Mount Pinatubo in Philippines attracts adrenaline-junkies from all over the world. The views are stunning, the paths are steep, and ... it is an active volcano.

The Bright Angel Trail, from the rim of the Grand Canyon to the Colorado River, is a dangerous yet gorgeous hike. Temperatures soar along the trail and the extreme elevation gain 4,380 feet over 9.5 miles makes for nearly 200 heat-related rescues each year.

Kalalau Trail, Kauai, HI. Arguably the most beautiful hike in America, it is also one of its most dangerous. The 11-mile Kalalau Trail features a narrow, rocky trail that forces hikers to plan each step carefully to avoid tumbling down the steep cliffs to the crashing surf below.

Barr Trail may climb 7,400 vertical feet over 13 miles but that's not what makes it so dangerous. Its the lightning. The most lightning-prone spot in Colorado, Pikes Peak can become ablaze with electricity at a moments notice.

Mt. Washington, NH. What's so dangerous about a 6,380 foot mountain in New Hampshire? The weather. Mt. Washington has the record for the highest wind speed ever measured at any surface weather station (231 mph) and has seen 137 fatalities since 1849 due to nasty weather.

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