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Club Noah Isabelle

By Lynn Lopez

Club Noah Isabelle The province of Palawan in the Philippines is well-known for its gorgeous landscapes, natural sights, and fabulous beaches. Its limestone cliffs are a wonder to behold and it is also rich in wildlife. Its marine life is one of the most exceptional in the world, making Palawan a great destination for divers.

Palawan’s natural beauty also makes it a perfect home for some of the world’s best resorts, and one of these resorts is Club Noah Isabelle. The resort is nestled on one side of Apulit Island, with all its sea-front cabanas facing the water. The western part of the resort houses the larger family lodgings while the eastern portion is home to the smaller cabanas. The accommodations aren’t especially luxurious, but they are much more than adequate and provide a wonderful haven for relaxation. Each cabana is equipped with an air conditioner, but since the weather is fairly cool and comfortable at night, chances are, you won’t need to use it at all.

Because of the peaceful atmosphere surrounding the island, Club Noah Isabelle is an ideal place for both honeymooners and holidaymakers who want a place that’s a little quieter and offers plenty of opportunities to just sit back and relax. You can spend hours sitting on the veranda of your cabana just gazing out at the crystal blue waters, soak up the sun while lying in the sand, or indulge in an hour-long massage by the beach.

The more adventurous visitors will have a great time on Club Noah Isabelle as well. Apart from enjoying the usual water activities like kayaking, windsurfing, and jetskiing, you can also go snorkeling and scuba diving, which definitely won’t disappoint you, since the waters around the island showcases a wealth of coral and numerous fish species. The resort also takes pride in being an ecotourism spot, and to highlight the work they do for the environment, you can hike all over the island accompanied by a guide. You might even spot animals like the red squirrel and peacocks found only in Palawan on your trek.

And just because Club Noah Isabelle is an exclusive resort doesn’t mean that you won’t be a getting a good slice of nature. The resort itself is home to numerous animals from rabbits to geese and even the mouse deer. From time to time, particularly during the sunset hours, you may even see baby sharks swimming near the beach in search of food! When you gaze down on the waters under your cabana, you can also plenty of fish swimming around.

In short, Club Noah Isabelle provides plenty of opportunities for people to relax and explore what nature has to offer as well. To get there from the capital city of Manila, you can take the one-hour flight on either Asian Spirit or Southeast Asian Airlines. Upon landing at the airport, a Club Noah representative will meet you and you will board a jeepney, a popular mode of transportation in the Philippines, to Tamisan River jetty, where you will take a 30-minute ride on a motorized boat to Club Noah Isabelle.

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