Amanpulo Island Getaway

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Amanpulo Island Getaway

Lynn Lopez

Amanpulo Amanpulo is best known as a completely luxurious, incredible, and above all, expensive island getaway. Truly, it deserves every possible superlative one can use to describe a fabulous resort—although Amanpulo is no mere ‘beach resort’. This tropical paradise is situated on a private island called Pamalican in the province of Palawan, Philippines.

Flying to the island is possible by taking a private plane which exclusively services the resort, a perfect way to arrive at this secluded haven. Accommodations at Amanpulo consist mainly of casitas. The beach casitas provide easy access to the beach by way of private paths, which will take you through some lush greenery before you reach the white sands. The treetop casitas are situated just above the tree-line of the island, while the hillside casitas offer fantastic views of the sea. Each casita also comes with its own golf cart which would allow you to drive around the island. Bigger groups can also stay at the four-bedroom villas.

Amanpulo is a popular choice for celebrities who wish to step away from the limelight for a short while as well as people who just want to make their vacation dreams come true or do a little soul-searching. The island provides a perfect place for everyone to soak in luxury and experience some peace and quiet for a change.

Amanpulo Water lovers will also get a real treat at Amanpulo thanks to the number of activities available on the island. Guests can obtain PADI certification here as well as enjoy snorkeling, fishing, windsurfing, and even take a dip in the swimming pool, which is notable for its length of 30 meters.

If you’re dreaming of going on the ultimate tropical vacation with every intention of simply relaxing and dreaming away the sunny hours, then Amanpulo is the place for you. Just make sure that this is indeed the holiday escapade you’ve been saving up for for a long time, because you’ll be paying quite a lot for a stay at this resort, and you definitely wouldn’t want to be there for just one night. The entire island is worth every penny, though, and once you’ve settled in, explored the island, and enjoyed the services the resort has to offer, you’ll truly discover that the name Amanpulo, which means ‘peaceful island’, is perfect.

2000 Best Beach Hotel
1999 Best Beach Resort Worldwide No.1 -

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