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Top Adventure Destinations

The Himalayas and Pyrenees - For the best adventure of skiing or mountain climbing, these are the areas to go to. At their highest point both are snow covered, giving you the opportunity to pit your skills against some of nature's toughest elements.

Sahara - Take on the might of the deserts. Join the 4 x 4 rally across Africa's most hostile and barren sands as you experience some of the hottest days and coldest nights on earth. An experience to behold!
- Also: Desert Biking in Namibia - A mountain bike safari of Namibia is a great way to truly experience the unforgiving African desert.

Igloo Nights In Greenland - Greenland offers a wide range of adventure opportunities including the drive right to the edge of the inland ice cap. But for an unforgettable night's stay, book into the Igloo Village - created every winter. Drinks are served in glasses made out of ice and you sleep in your own private igloo.

The Amazon - Experience the beautiful colors of the rain forest stretching away each side of the river as far as the eye can see, and the unique sounds of the birds and animals calling to each other. Watch in rapture as river life goes on around you, with crocodiles eyeing what they would consider to be a healthy meal.

Central Australia - If you love to go a wandering, then this is the place for you. With a backpack on your shoulders, go for one of the most spectacular experiences of your life. Watch the sunrise over Table Mountain and spend nights under starlit skies, enjoying yourself around a nice campfire.

Cave Rafting In New Zealand - The Lord Of The Rings blockbusters have been a wake-up call for adventure tarvel seekers. Central North Island, particularly, offers a host of adventure activities, including kayaking on Lake Taupo, where mysterious giant carvings recall Sam and Frodo's flight downriver. The island is also renowned for black water rafting - the scary sister of white water sport, in which you raft through Waitomo's subterranean caves, your way lit only by glow-worms.

Botswana Safari - A year round wildlife safari haven that promises you a unique and memorable safari experience. The underappreciated Okavango Delta is among the richest eco-regions in the world. Botswana is Africa at its best - untamed, full of wildlife and alive with expectancy!

Bolivia’s Road of Death - Bolivia’s “Road of Death” is the most dangerous road in the world. It runs in the Bolivian Andes, 70 km from La Paz to Coroico, and plunges down almost 3,600 meters in an orgy of extremely narrow hairpin curves and 800-meter abyss near-misses. Approximately 100-200 people perish there every year. Not for the faint of heart!

The Galapagos Islands - Home to thunder lizards and wildlife unique to the islands, Galapagos Islands have become increasingly accessible in recent years.

Patagonia - Patagonia in Argentina and Chile is for lovers of adventure who are willing to receive a good dose of pure adrenaline.
Imagine yourself among the endless plains of the pampas, the fast-flowing rivers of the mountain range, the high summits of the mountains and volcanoes. The scenery is spectacular.

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